Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Baby / Caddy / Moon

As you probably deduced from the title, this shall be a post of randomness beginning with a little deer that greeted me as I opened the front door the other morning. It was cute and all, but he/she has been eating my hosta and I resent that. Nor do I appreciate the hoof holes it makes in my mulched area under the trees. The deer around here are getting as pesky as the squirrels.

Speaking of little creatures, we took care of a friend's tiny baby on the weekend. Chloe was in her glory. That baby spent hours in Chloe's arms.

And about 30 seconds in Neve's. Neve prefers being the baby around here but she warmed up to her eventually.

It was impossible not too; the baby was so sweet and content and only cried when necessary. She woke up several times during the night to eat and then fell back to sleep. But then she'd wake up in between feedings too; I think she was so used to being held during the day that she thought it should extend into the night. I'd forgotten how exhausting it is to have an interrupted night. It doesn't help that I'm ten years older than I was the last time I had a newborn. But it was only one night and it was Worth It. Next time she's sleeping in Chloe's room.

We still do the half-birthday thing around here. I know, it's kind of ridiculous but all we do is let the kids pick what they want for dinner. To mark Chloe's 17.5 year mark, she chose portobello mushroom burgers with a chick pea sauce and yam fries. It was SO good. The recipe was from the Looneyspoons Collection cookbook which is the best cookbook ever (not counting the Mennonite Treasury). There are pictures of every dish and literally everything we've tried is delicious. I should have asked them to sponsor this post. For dessert I made Nutella brownies which were pretty awesome as well. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of those because we wolfed them down so fast.

We went to my parents' on Sunday. It was the perfect opportunity to watch the lunar eclipse since we can barely ever see the moon from our yard. Who planted all those trees anyway?

I think I take a picture of this every year

I believe I've mentioned my brother's beloved Cadillac before. He painstakingly restored it in a labour of love that lasted longer than a lot of marriages. In fact, it's impressive that his marriage outlasted it. Let me just say that Sabrina is a hero and an icon of patience and understanding. But the finished product is pretty sweet. The work that's gone into it and the attention to every perfect little detail has paid off - probably not financially, but definitely in pride and satisfaction. See how happy Jimmy looks!
Piling in for a ride in the Caddy

The caddy by the bins

The Caddy from a different angle

Riding in the Caddy

The Caddy at sunset

Then the moon rose.

And started eclipsing...


I really like the moon even when it's not doing something fancy. I find it mysterious and intriguing, imagining what goes on up there with the craters and the mountains and the US flag and Neil Armstrong's footprints. So I was pretty captivated by the lunar eclipse. I even made Dale stop the van on the way home so I could take more pictures on the side of the 75 hwy. I'm sure I will never look back on those pictures so it was probably pointless in the long run, but I sure do love that moon.


Anonymous said...

That Caddie is pretty great.

The moon is also pretty great. Steve and I took the telescope out to the front sidewalk because we couldn't see it for the trees in either. :) Ben happened to still be awake and came out for a look in the telescope. It was pretty cool. Our retired neighbour also came out in his pyjamas for a look too.


Anonymous said...

I love the photos of Chloe and the baby. That was me once upon a time. LOVED holding the babies and adored every opportunity. Then I saw what happens when they start to talk and stuff...

Those moon photos are BEAUTIFUL!! I also love the moon. Yet I didn't bother to go out and look at it that night. Hm.

And the caddy is awesome! I'm surprised Jim lets all those sticky hooligans in there.

xo Sio

Daniel said...

That paragraph about Jim and his Caddie made me laugh! Great photos of the car (and passengers) and the moon!

Anonymous said...

Good post!! I would've preferred the Caddy pictures to be first. You're funny. And a good photo taker. Jim