Saturday, September 12, 2015

Comparison Week - window boxes

Oops, I forgot to post yesterday. Hopefully no one cried themselves to sleep.

One of my window boxes last year:

My window box this year:

In spite of the quality of the photo, the window box looks fuller and lusher (?) in the photo than it is in real. The plants look sad and scraggly. My plan to have only white flowers in the boxes was a bust. My white geraniums did not perform nor did the bacopa or anything else except the green fillers. My mom saved some of my sister-in-law Joan's plants over the winter and those did the best. They're the hanging ones on the left. 

Looks like I'll be reintroducing colour next year.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sorry the window boxes weren't quite the anticipated success this year! It's actually kinda funny to compare the two! That being said, it's way more that I would have accomplished!!

xo Sio