Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Comparison Week

This week is Comparison Week on the blog. Think of it as the less-exhilarating version of Shark Week. 

Today we compare the boundary between our yard and the neighbour's. 

This is what it looked like last fall:

A couple of weeks ago:


Dale and the neighbour whipped up this fence in just a few evenings (the posts were dug earlier). Our neighbour does construction for a living and had a bunch of supplies and tools on hand so it all went pretty smoothly. They just need to build the gate yet. The fence was a long time coming and I'm happy it's finally (almost) done. 


'Twas the day before school starts. We went to Bronuts with friends this morning and since then, we've been stumbling around regretting the things we didn't get to this summer and worrying that we're not making the most of the final hours. The kids don't really want to go back to school (why would they?! Sitting in class all day can't compete with sleeping and slurpees and watching Netflix) but no one seems overly stressed about it. Spencer is the only one starting a new school but he has become excellent at hiding his emotions so I think it's all good.

Prepare for a wave of pics of kids in backpacks standing by their front door on social media tomorrow. Mine included, of course.  

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