Sunday, October 04, 2015

Before & After - The Underwhelming Edition

We finally finished painting the bedroom. That was a week long+ project that should have taken one day. The bad news is that the average person won't even be able to tell the difference, but the good news is that I am not the average person.

The walls were a light greenish colour before:

Now they are a white-ish-gray.

What the picture doesn't show is how much cleaner and fresher the room feels. I cleaned the dusty floor under the bed and behind the furniture, washed the curtains and bedding including the bedskirt, and tidied up the bedside tables. In the near future (which will probably turn into the distant future) I'd like to paint the dresser and side tables and get less over-powering curtains. I also need pictures on the walls. And yes, I know our side tables are out of proportion to the small room. I don't care. Well, maybe a little. But they are solid, good-quality pieces of furniture even though I got them on Kijiji for next to nothing.

We covered the big plaster wall with wall-liner paper before painting it. That was a zero on the fun meter. There were wrinkles and bubbles and crooked seams and in the end, the gouges and bumps are still visible through the paper. It doesn't really matter; I'm no perfectionist and a casual passerby (thank goodness there are not many of those in my bedroom) probably wouldn't notice the imperfections.

We have no plans whatsoever to sell our house or move, yet whenever I paint I find myself thinking about what potential buyers would think of the paint job. I try not to get a spot of paint on the baseboards and I remove the light fixtures and vent covers and meticulously paint under the switch plates and plug-in covers. Which is silly because I'll probably paint this room five more times before we think of moving and by that time I'll be rich enough to hire someone to paint the whole house before we sell anyway (because in my mind, I'm always much richer in the future).

Here we have side-by-side before & after shots.

I feel guilty for wasting your time on this lacklustre transformation, so I've found you some more dramatic before & after pictures. Kind of gives me an upset stomach thinking of all those surgeries, especially the ones that involve reshaping eyes. How do they do that? Never mind, I don't want to know.


Daniel said...

I love that you arranged the pillows exactly the same. That got me going on "spot the differences". If I could zoom in to the books on the nightstand, it would help. I do see that the alarm clock is no longer there - have you gone high-tech, with an iPhone sleeping app? The Rubik's cube is solved, so it's been put away. And the plant has found the new fresh space so inviting, it has come to stay.

Nice work, and I'm sure you find the freshness Worth It®!

Um, yeah, the plastic surgery is pretty creepy. Even if they looked different before, now they all look the same! Now let's get out there and take hundreds of selfies!

Anonymous said...

Ha! at Daniel for spot the difference. I too was noticing the rubik's cube and was trying to look at the books. :)

Some of those plastic surgery pics are totally photo-shopped. Maybe you could photo shop your before and after pics and we can play a real 'spot the differences' game. ;)