Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Birds Hill

The sun is rising and setting way too quickly these days. If a genie popped out of a bottle right now, I'd probably wish for more hours in the day. Or for a clone or two to help me with my long to-do list. Clones can be tricky though; they so often turn on you. At least in my experience. I guess I'd just wish for the list to be magically completed. I leave for Vietnam & Cambodia in just over a week and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't having any anxiety. I just keep telling myself everything will get done and I'll be on the plane before I know it. And then I'll be back home, like it never even happened.

Sorry for the "I'm so busy" whining. You're all thinking "Why is she blogging if she has a million things to do?" I'll tell you why. My head gets all disorganized and crazy when I don't blog. After nine years of blogging, I think it's an addiction. After I write something, I feel calmer and ready to move on to the next task. It's like taking a step back from the craziness and gaining perspective. That's my scientific explanation.

It's actually a great time to jet away from here. The days are getting cooler and the threat of frost is imminent. We've had a good fall so far. I have only worn socks one day since spring (except for running) and that day was on Sunday when we went to visit my parents who were camping at Birds Hill. I am prouder of that feat (a pun!) than I probably should be. I feel so hardy and tough. My goal is to be sock-free until we get back from our trip. Thanks for letting me share that and for pretending that you care.

Here are some pictures from our impromptu Birds Hill visit. It was a bit cool, but it was calm and the trees were beautiful. We played grounders and went biking. We even took a spin on my aunt & uncle's tandem bike, which was great fun. I already posted a picture of that on Facebook and Instagram so I won't further saturate my social media. We had barbequed burgers and roasted wieners; trust my mother to easily whip up a meal for 15 while camping.

Big hug with Spencer in the middle. I hope no one has lice. Why would I even say that?

Spencer resisted coming with us. He prefers to be home with his records and his books and his documentaries. After much begging, he agreed to come only if we signed a contract stating that we would head home at 7 p.m. We were still having fun at 7, but we raced to the van so we wouldn't have to pay him $50. He admitted he had had fun though, so I guess it was Worth It. I'm sorry for the 90 degree angle; you'll have to tilt your head.

Now you can straighten your head.
My sister invited us over on Saturday for a Vietnamese meal together with her sister- & brother-in-law, who were in Vietnam earlier this year. Everyone brought something and it was so delicious. This is part of a pho dish:

There's a flavourful broth and you put in herbs and greenery and it's so good. There was also rice and curry and salad rolls but this is the only picture I took.
Here's another delicious meal I had this week. This is becoming a food blog. Except good luck finding this dish on any foodie blog.
If I was on death row and they asked what I wanted for my last meal, this would be it. This is a childhood favourite called reische zwieback and I don't have it very often due to a homemade bun shortage (it's not nearly as good with store-bought buns). My mother-in-law gave me a bag last week and it was like Christmas in October. These are dried out, roasted buns dipped in coffee until they're mushy. Then you pour cream over and add lots of salt. It sounds horrifying and looks disgusting but it's sooo good. I use about five buns for one bowl so it's a LOT of carbs, and I don't even like coffee but somehow this is magical. Teresa loved to mock me for eating this. But I don't care! My mouth is watering just looking at this.
My genie has not yet appeared, so back to work I go.


Daniel said...

Um, yeah, I'm with Teresa on that one - I never quite got the attraction for that stuff like you and Janet did. Good to know what your 'last meal' wish is though - it'll give us a chance to prepare beforehand. Just know that you're NOT getting that when you drop by here on your way back from Vietnam.

You missed a loophole on that contract!! He said 7:01pm CST! you would have been good till 8pm! Looked like good fall fun at Bird's Hill!

Anonymous said...

Uh. Daniel, Bird's Hill is in the CST.

L - I closet journal online. Just for me. (Well, Steve reads it). I hear you on the sorting through your thoughts bit, processing, organizing. I'm glad you blog...even when you're busy. It helps me to procrastinate my own busyness. :P


Daniel said...

But you're currently in CDT (Central Daylight Time), are you not?!

Anonymous said...

When I was writing my comment, this was my brain:
-but we live in CST
-but Daniel is a smart guy
-I'll search the internet (source of all knowledge..ahem) for a map
-map shows us in CST.
-I fall into poor internet research trap

I look dumb. :)

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh - this post was hilarious and these comments were hilarious!!!!

xo Sio