Sunday, November 15, 2015


I interrupt the trip report to bring you an installment of my "Trees at a River Heights intersection" series. There's not a leaf to be seen but there's green grass and no snow which is a gift this time of year. It's been a rare, balmy November so far and I'm enjoying it every day while I possibly can. Dale enjoyed putting up the Christmas lights without freezing his fingers for a change. Chloe and I threw stuffed animals at him from her second floor window, which he didn't enjoy as much.
Due to our trip, I missed Halloween this year. I love the community aspect of Halloween so I was sorry to miss it. For the first time ever, Chloe and Spencer didn't go trick-or-treating. Neve went with a friend in a different neighbourhood and she didn't get as much candy as usual, so there was a sweets shortage around here. Gone are the days when I can dig into the kids' bags and eat 10 mini chocolate bars while they're at school and no one would notice. I guess that's not a bad thing.

These are the pumpkins the kids carved with my sister. Neve's is the hashtag one and I'll let you guess the others.

Speaking of the kids, they seemed to manage quite well on their own while we were away. Dale's mom and my sister and some friends and neighbours all checked in with them regularly, but for the most part they lived in blissful Pippi Longstocking-like freedom from adult supervision. I don't even want to know everything that went on, but no one went hungry or naked (I hope) and Chloe managed to get everyone where they needed to be. There were a few issues - we came home to a broken phone, a broken fridge door handle, and reports of boys in the house. Oh, and one night when Chloe was tucking Neve in, she noticed the garage light was on and two people were in our garage. Chloe went downstairs and turned on the backyard light and they ran off. It didn't occur to anyone to mention this incident to us until several days after we were home, so obviously no one was too traumatized. Chloe said it was partly her fault because she had forgotten to close the garage door. Neve also said there were several mornings when they realized no one had locked the doors the night before. I'd like to give a big shout-out to the guardian angels watching over them.

Even though the older two wouldn't admit it, I think they were kind of happy and relieved to have us home. By the end of the trip, Dale and I were ready to come home as well. Seventeen days is a long time.


Anonymous said...

Whoa. Way to go Kornelsen children.

Whoa. Way to go Kornelsen parents for not freaking out about garage people and non-door locking.


Anonymous said...

The death pumpkin keeps making me giggle!

I love all the posts.... trip and home ones. Keep them coming!

And welcome home. Can't wait to catch up.


Anonymous said...

LOVED the Pippi Longstocking reference! And I ditto Sheri-Lee's "Whoa"s. I am thankful all children were still in one piece when you got home!! Yikes!!

xo Sio

PS also loved that you and C threw stuffies at Dale. Too funny!