Saturday, December 05, 2015

Mini update

My calm, soothing December has not yet materialized. Dale and I have been out five of the last eight evenings and will be out tonight as well. It’s all for good reasons – out for dinner with Dale’s brother and sister-in-law, Santa Claus parade followed by a surprise birthday party, potluck with some of the Vietnam group, dinner and a Jets game last night, my work Christmas party last night and Dale’s work Christmas party tonight. Good thing the kids got used to us being away on our trip; they’re practically orphans these days.

This was the most fun Jets game I’d been to (I've only been to three) – it was the first one that they won. It also didn’t hurt that our seats were this close to the ice and the players bench.

In other news, Chloe got her acceptance letter to U of W (Education) this week. It looks like her life-long goal is one step closer to reality. In equally exciting news (to some), Neve got Patrol of the Month for the second month in a row. We’re flying high over here. To keep things equal, I should say something positive about Spencer too. Oh, I know. He got himself a sweet snow-shoveling gig. A neighbour offered him a tidy sum to keep their walk clear all winter. Guess who’s praying for below-normal snowfalls this year? Well, probably everyone, but some are praying harder than others.

Chloe had a cheer competition this morning. Their next competition will be in Disney World in February!

That's Chloe in the middle (top)

We were somehow able to find time to get a tree and decorate it. Inspired by Kristin, I'm using a fraction of my decorations this year and paring things down. Like everyone else, I'm trying to finish Christmas shopping, send out Christmas cards, do some baking and a million other things between all the regular stuff. I have high hopes for relaxing next week.

This post was supposed to be the next trip update, but I've run out of time. I will finish it one day!


Daniel said...

Congratulations Chloe! And Neve! And Spencer! I'm sure each of you will continue to shine in your roles! Spencer's is the only one that has an immediate monetary reward. ;-) I hope all your snow ends up on our mountains!

Great seats for the Jets game - amazing to be so close to the action!

Good luck getting through all your Christmas busyness.

Anonymous said...

Wow sweet seats!!! How'd u score those?! Chloe's going to Disney? Cool. Maybe we'll go watch her. And way to go Nevey! Oh ya and Spencer too. Jim

Anonymous said...

Oh my - Chloe will be a teacher before we know it. This is too crazy. TIME IS GOING TOO FAST!!

xo Sio