Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Day 1 - Enjoy the moment

I’ve read a couple of sappy articles on Facebook recently by mothers lamenting their children growing up and becoming independent. Something like “if I’d know it would be the last time I washed my daughter’s hair, I would have massaged her head longer “and “I used to know where my kids were at all times, now I don’t.” In both cases, their children were still alive and healthy, so part of me was thinking “Seriously?! Just be happy they’re growing as they’re supposed to. Think of the parents whose children have died or those people who always wanted children, but never could/did. Suck it up!”

But that wasn’t their point (for the record, the articles were not written by any of my Facebook friends, just articles that someone ‘liked.’ And yes, despite my constant vow to quit or decrease Facebook, I am obviously guilty of wasting more time on it than I should.). Their point was that children grow up fast so enjoy it while you can. That’s not exactly an epiphany or anything, but somehow you can never have enough reminders. Now that Chloe is only months away from becoming an adult and finishing high school, I'm feeling like it's going to be a short, slippery slope straight to the assisted living centre (kids, come visit!).

With that in mind, I’m going to start a new blog challenge today.* I’m going to try to post a daily photo of the children doing a regular, everyday activity while they’re all still living at home, all in school, and all under our control (for the most part). That way I can look back when I’m all sad and alone and missing the sound of drums and doors slamming and Bob Dylan records and tell myself, “I DID enjoythe little moments.” (Ironically, I’m probably not enjoying the moment if I’m busy with trying to get the perfect shot, but we’ll ignore all logical thoughts.) I’m pretty good about taking pictures of special occasions and happy times, but I don’t pull out my camera nearly as much as I used to when it comes to regular life. So I’m going to try to record the details, un-staged and un-posed. Thirty days is my goal, but they probably won’t all be consecutive days.

If anyone else wants to join the challenge on their blog or Instagram, let us know in the comments section. We should make up our own hashtag! Maybe #30savour or #putdownyourcamera
*As I was writing this, I remembered doing a similar series back in 2008. Look how little those kids were - good thing I took pictures.


Anonymous said...

I love you for this.
1. Because you make it not some overly sappy thing.
2. Because you're funny
3. Because you're realistic
4. Because I love how you love your kids and it makes me feel like maybe how I love my kids is not so crazy (we aren't exactly the same in all our parenting...I think you do a better job).


Anonymous said...

I'll join the challenge via instagram!


L said...

Thanks Sheri-Lee! And I think YOU do a better job! haha parenting insecurities - it always looks like almost everyone else is doing a better job!

Yay, Darla! I look forward to seeing your moments!

Anonymous said...

Instagram challenge accepted! Wait - can it be about yoga? Hold on, I need to reread the rules....

xo Sio