Monday, January 25, 2016

Day 6 - ETM

Neve has piano lesson on Mondays. Her teacher is none other than her kind, smart, hard-working, beautiful cousin Tia. Tia is an awesome teacher; I can't believe how much Neve has learned over the last year and a half. And she comes to our house! It's a pretty sweet set-up. We're especially grateful that Tia comes every week because she's in a very intense design/architecture program at university and if it wasn't for piano lessons, we'd never see her.

These daily moments seem to be mostly about Neve. While re-reading my 2008 "moments," I noticed that was the case back then too. She seems to dominate our home. Or maybe she's the one who's around most, so she's easiest to snap a photo of (bad grammar, I know).

I also noticed that I vowed never to do another "moments" series in winter. I guess I should have read that before starting this round. My life was a lot busier back then though, so it's less of a burden now.

I was struck by all the comments on each post too. We had ourselves a little community and almost everyone had their own blog that we all checked and commented on. Those were the days, before Facebook and Instagram and Twitter (Facebook may have already existed but it didn't take long to catch up on the lives of our 14 friends). Feel free to return to those simpler times and comment away - I'm not always great about acknowledging or replying to them but I love reading them.


Anonymous said...

I know! I miss all the comments back and forth. We had fun with them.

xo Sio

Anonymous said...

Tia sure looks like Chloe! I thought it was her at first.

Super fun to look back on your 2008 posts. LOL to the soap stone carvings.

Loving your daily posts!


L said...

Tia does look like Chloe here which is funny because usually people say Tia and Neve look alike.