Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Day 7 - ETM

This is the best picture I've taken of Spencer in a while. He doesn't love having his picture taken and when he can't avoid it, he takes great effort not to smile. But I saw him walking up the sidewalk after doing his shoveling job today and ran to the side door with my camera and waited for him to appear around the corner. The element of surprise worked in my favour.
After very little snow in December, Spencer has been busy the last few weeks. It's not that we've had that much snow, but it comes in thin layers that each require shoveling. He's got two regular customers now and takes his job seriously. He usually heads out as soon as he gets home from school.   
Besides Spencer's uncharacteristically cheery smile, it hasn't been the greatest day. I woke up tired and sore and headache-y and have been in a sour mood all day. I feel blah and unmotivated and slightly overwhelmed by everything. Then I got a sad email from an acquaintance who was recently diagnosed with not one, not two, but three types of cancer within two months. He's not someone I'm very close to but he's one of the funniest people I know and I really like him.
I thought I was doing so well at not just surviving January, but in fact thriving! The weather's been super mild this week. I've been going to yoga five or six times a week as well as doing the occasional workout video and run. Maybe that's why I'm tired and grouchy. Or maybe I'd be even more tired and grumpy if I wasn't exercising. I'm off to a hot yoga class now so I'll see if I feel better or worse afterward.
I guess they can't all be good days. Oh, but Dale made me a lemon pie for me today which was pretty delicious. There's always some good even in the bad days. Look at me being all positive. I must have learned that in yoga.  Right, Siobhan? By the way, Siobhan is coming to Winnipeg and teaching a yoga class on Sunday, Feb. 7. You can check it out on her Facebook (I was trying to find the event link but I can't at the moment). You could probably comment if you're interested and I'll let her know. It's going to be a good time!


someone said...

I LOVE this photo of Spencer!! I know we all say it all the time about all kids, but MAN! has he grown up!! I am regularly looking after the sweetest little toddler two mornings a week and its so weird to think that time with her will also pass quickly and before you know it she will also be 14. Time is a funny funny thing.

And yay to learning so much in yoga!! WOOT!! I can't wait to teach that class next week. Anyone reading that wants to come, let me know. There are only a few spots left!

xo Sio

L said...

yeah, someone should pass a law that kids can't grow up quite so fast. I miss the days when they constantly said and did adorable things but most of the time I'm thankful I don't have to wipe butts and cut grapes (not at the same time) anymore.