Monday, January 11, 2016

Project #2 - Chloe's room

Chloe is not going to be thrilled when she sees this picture on here. Then we're even, because I was not thrilled to see this in real life. I could show you even more shocking photos of other parts of her room, but we'll focus on this one wall.
The goal was to fit a bigger desk into her room. If you look under that pile of books and paper between the bookshelves, there is a little computer desk which was not nearly big enough for her to spread out her stuff and do serious work. So she did her homework sitting awkwardly on her bed, usually while watching Supernatural. I’m trying to shut down that habit; a new, proper workstation was the first step. Actually that’s the only step … I guess step 2 would involve taking away her iPad, phone, net book and laptop. And her Nintendo DS while we’re at it.
Chloe’s room was set up so nice, but this is the last time it looked this good. Chloe is super organized in many ways but for reason that are not clear (hmm ... maybe she doesn't have the greatest example to follow...), she cannot keep her room neat. Between school and work and cheer and babysitting, she has a very busy life. It could be argued that’s all the more reason to keep her room clean and organized, but it just doesn’t seem to work that way.
As is the case in 100% of my projects, there is still work to be done. Her dresser drawers are always jam-packed, so we need to go through them and reduce the amount of stuff in them. Then maaaaaybe she will have room to put her clothes away. Or more likely, she will just keep throwing them on the floor. My organizing friend Shannon came over and offered some suggestions to at least keep the mess out of sight, like baskets to throw clothes in, etc.
For now, we stayed focused on the desk situation. Shannon also gave her advice on the best place to put the desk. I was prepared to rearrange the room completely, but she didn’t think it was necessary. Thank goodness; at the pace things happen around here, Chloe would have been long gone with three children of her own by the time we finished that.
So, on Shannon’s advice, Chloe combined the contents of two bookshelves into one. We moved the other one to the playroom for now, where it is nicely resting on its side until we decide its fate. Then we went to IKEA and bought a desk. Well technically, a table top, two legs and a side unit. We opted for a door unit instead of a drawer unit so she could put her backpack inside. She has enough junk drawers already. We bought a desk lamp (which cost more than the desk) … it’s not beautiful but it’s very functional and bright. That little corner is pretty dark without it because apparently a cute chandelier does not equal good lighting.
The clip-on light situation on the left needs some attention but it's such a dark corner that she needs all the light she can get.
The desk has been up for a few days and the reaction has been positive. Chloe says she feels more organized and less overwhelmed with less clutter around.
A big thank you to Shannon for her help and advice! If your new year’s resolutions involve being more organized, you know who to call!  (not Chloe).

I should take a picture in a week to see if things stay this way ...

While scrolling through year after year of blog entries for the pictures of Chloe's original room, I imagined how nice it would be if I had tagged my posts to categorize them. It's never too late to start, I guess!


Daniel said...

Looks great! I'm sure Chloe will feel that it's Worth It to keep the place more organized from now on!!

I was looking for when you had done the mural in Spencer's room, and found that the search function worked quite well.

someone said...

We are on an organizing kick around here as well (it's never ending really....). Its amazing who much better one feels when all the clutter is put away!!

xo Sio

Shannon Silvestri said...

Love it!! I have plans to tackle Cate's room...she and Chloe share some characteristics. ;)