Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Spencer's room - Phase 1

We undertook a few projects around the house during the holidays, which I will now proceed to tell you about one at a time. Today we'll discuss Spencer's room.

This still a work in progress, but we got a good start. Since this spring, Spencer had been talking about buying drums. We tried to ignore him or change the subject, but it kept coming up. Eventually we said fine, as long as you buy them yourself (thinking that probably wouldn't happen). But this past summer, he was on a mission to save up money. He mowed lawns and helped my parents (which he should have done for free, but still) and didn't spend a cent of his allowance until he had enough money to buy a used set. He kept checking Kijiji but whenever he found a possible option, Dale or I never had time to take him to check it out. Finally one day in mid-December, we drove out to Carman (on the way to Dan's surprise birthday party) and snagged some used drums at a great price. Or so the seller told us. The drum set was much more substantial than I had pictured, which frightened and alarmed me as we loaded up the van.

We were planning to put them in the basement but to make space, we first had to return the foosball table that we had been borrowing from Jim & Sabrina for the past decade. In the meantime, we pushed the drums into Spencer's small bedroom and quickly shut the door so they wouldn't fall out. For two weeks he lived in squishy chaos, unable to open his dresser drawers or climb up his loft bed ladder. The amount of stuff in these pictures is overwhelming and I don't even think they fully capture the realty.

yes, the boy needs a haircut but he's got a look he's trying to achieve now that he's a drummer

an aerial view from the loft bed

the closet

I don't know exactly what he wore or where he slept during that period, but he was able to bang on his drums quite well. Within a couple of days, my neighbour asked me if someone had gotten drums at our house. Just wait until summer when we all have our windows open. I bet they're hanging on to all the realtor flyers that come in the mail.

Once the foosball table was gone, we realized that no one would be able to watch TV downstairs while Spencer played drums, and since there's no solid door between the basement and the main floor, it would be loud on the main floor as well. So the drums are staying upstairs in Spencer's room for now, which meant we had to rearrange things. First, we emptied out his closet. Sadly, the Lego phase is mostly finished over here so all of Spencer's precious, organized Lego was dumped into two big Rubbermaids. It was tough for both of us to see all the work we did in setting up his organizational system reduced to a giant mess of pieces. He doesn't want to part with it yet (and we'll always keep some of it) so off it goes to the storage room.

Once the closet was empty, we moved his dresser in. He's got a good closet with big doors and a light, so it works pretty well.

Next we sold his loft bed on kijiji. This was probably not the best move when it comes to floor space, but climbing up and down the ladder was getting cumbersome as he's grown bigger and he didn't properly utilize the space underneath the loft anyway. For now, he's sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

I know these pictures aren't very impressive yet ... they're more "during" pictures than "after" pictures. So I didn't utilize my full staging skills. Like I said, this project still has a ways to go. A bed, bookshelves and painting over the wall mural are next on the list. But at least we can see the floor in some spots now.


Anonymous said...

Hahah! I love all of this!! Derrick also bought some drums...which also don't really fit in our apt...

I can't wait to see the end result!! Bed with drawers underneath?

xo Sio

Daniel said...

But does Derrick have the aloof drummer look down pat like Spencer?!

I'm glad I got to experience the full effect of the drum kit in its "before" state! Good luck with making it all fit better. Too bad about painting over the mural, but I guess it's time has passed. Maybe you could paint the USS Enterprise on it instead of Batman?

Anonymous said...

Haha, Dan! Not quite!

L said...

That's cool that Derrick bought drums, but I'm having a hard time imagining them in an apartment! Both space-wise and sound-wise!! Are they the electronic kind you can use headphones for?