Monday, January 18, 2016

You won't believe what I'm about to say

Does that sound like a Buzzfeed teaser? If so, I succeeded. Here it is:

I’m starting to like January.

There. I said it. Now I can’t take it back. I guess I could delete this post and deny it ever existed. And I might.
Anyone who knows me at all and even many who don’t (they can tell just by looking at me) know I hate winter. I am disappointed in fall, I tolerate spring because I know what lies ahead, but summer has my heart.
So January … it’s the dead of winter, the Christmas excitement is over, and summer is many calendar pages away. And yet … I’m kind of enjoying this month. The beginning of the month was unseasonably mild, but now it’s regular January weather and I still don’t hate it.
December somehow gets crazier every year. Between all the shopping and parties and Christmas concerts and wrapping and baking, free evenings are hard to come by. I’m not complaining – I’m a big fan of Christmas and every year I feel so lucky and thankful for all the friends and family we’re able to celebrate with. But when it’s all over and not every free minute is taken up with running out to pick up “one more thing” or to quickly wrap a few gifts, I suddenly have spare time on my hands. It’s not like there isn’t always a list of house things and other projects to do, but nothing is that urgent. I don’t have many obligations that I have to leave the house for, so I have time to read, play games with the kids, and watch episodes of The Office every night after Neve goes to bed. It’s a pretty good life.
I also signed up for an intro month of hot yoga at Awesome Hot Yoga. I’ve gone nine times in the last 12 days and I’m really enjoying it. I probably won’t do it after the intro month because I really need to start running again, but it feels so good to be all hot and sweaty when it’s so cold outside. I still feel warm long after the class is over. The only problem is that by the time I’m there and back and showered, it’s about a 2-hour commitment. I wish I could just crank up the heat in my basement and do it at home. Maybe not.
The kids are not enjoying January as much as I am. Exams are coming up for the older two. Chloe is stressed about major papers and assignments that are due before then, on top of getting ready for her cheer trip to Florida and her already busy schedule. Spencer hates school and would like to self-school. I can’t even imagine what that would look like. Actually I can. It would involve listening to old records, drumming, and reading. Who needs math and science? He is involved in a couple of clubs at school but he hasn’t found his people yet. He says everyone in his classes know who he is (for reasons that remain unclear) but so far he calls them all acquaintances rather than friends. I’m confident that he will find his place and I’m also confident that a haircut would help.
Neve’s teacher just went on maternity leave and Neve’s not sure how she feels about the replacement. Apparently she is a yeller. If she keeps that up, maybe one day I will go in and yell at her and see how she likes that. I can’t really blame her. If I was a teacher, I would yell all day long except when I was crying, but fortunately for everyone, I’m not a teacher. Neve’s been lucky with seven years of non-yelling teachers, so she’s not used to it and it makes her anxious. And then she was mortified when her patrol crew got in trouble but that’s a story she wouldn’t want me to tell.
So it hasn’t been the greatest January for any of the kids. But I’m happy, and that’s pretty important to them, even if they don’t know it.
I hope your January is more like mine than theirs.


Anonymous said...

January is alright. It's gonna be a lot better in 2 days!!!! Did I mention we're going to Mexico?!!?!?? Ya can't blame a teacher for yelling!! Jim

Anonymous said...

hahahhahhahahhahaa. You love winter...Nyah nyah.

It's warming up by the end of this week too. Hooray!

If I were a teacher, I'm not sure I'd be a yeller, but I'd probably be a really sarcastic hard ass and call my students politically incorrect things like 'stupid', 'dumb' and 'morons'.

Thank you, Teachers. Please try not to yell at anxious children...or call them inappropriate names listed above.

Anonymous said...

hahahah, Sheri-Lee! I'd be the sarcastic one, too. Kids like that kinda stuff...if they know you don't really mean it.

And wow! Way to go, Ellen!! Lovin' January!! Woot!!

What grade is Spencer this year? I know you aren't actually considering homeschool, BUT - our friends, Rob and Colleen, agreed to let their daughter home school herself and it was very successful. She may have done it just for grades 11 and 12, I can't remember about 10. But if you ever truly wanted to consider it, they would totally talk to you about it! You've met them over the years. Why don't you challenge Spencer to a 1 week trial? If he can stay home and actually keep up with his class, then you consider it! You know me, I'm all about tossing traditional education. Especially for the kids who genuinely don't love it.

xo Sio