Thursday, February 04, 2016

Day 15 - ETM

Let's see what Spencer's doing for a change. Oh look ... he's reading on the couch! Whaaat?!

He's pretty happy about finishing his exams today. He prefers not to display his emotions outwardly. Unless of course those emotions are annoyance or impatience. Okay, he also laughs a lot when watching The Office.

I was trying to convince him to come downtown with me and Neve tomorrow (there's no school) but he was dead set against it and refused to budge in his decision. I eventually grew frustrated and made a remark about him being a stereotypical sullen teenager. Shortly afterward, he came to me and said, "I've decided to come with you tomorrow."

If there's anything he hates, it's being a predictable stereotype. I use that to my fullest advantage. I guess I'm still smarter than a ninth-grader.


Daniel said...

Posture, Spencer, posture!!

Hope you had fun downtown yesterday, you non-stereotypical teenager!

Anonymous said...

I love the rebellion of anti-stereotypes! Go Spencer.

Also, I love that this picture could be Dale on the couch since Spencer has his circa 1970's hair.


someone said...

Hahahah! This one made me laugh out loud!

xo Sio