Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Day 19 - ETM

I promise I will stop writing about Chloe's cheer team soon. There will be other things to write about in the near future: Valentines Day is around the corner, followed closely by Neve's birthday. But for now, this is all that's going on.
Here we are at the airport waiting for the team to make their appearance. In a fun coincidence, Siobhan and Derrick were heading back to Vancouver around the same time that Chloe's flight arrived. They were already through security but we could see them upstairs through the glass as they hung out at Starbucks before boarding their flight. We waved at each other and texted. They were there when the cheer team got off the plane so Siobhan texted me to tell me the team was stopping at the bathroom first and then again when they were on their way down. It was pretty great. I was all proud to be "in the know" telling other parents what was going on.

Here they come! Plus an extra guy.

Talking to the media:

It's nice to have Chloe home again. She had a great time and is full of stories of all her adventures. I'd like her to write a guest post but I know she probably never will.

If you still haven't see enough, here are links to the CTV News video and an article in the Winnipeg Sun.


Anonymous said...

Congrats again, Chloe! So much awesomeness in this post. I also really enjoyed the "extra guy". Hee.


someone said...

That was such a fun way to be in the same room, but not actually be able to hang out! Hahah!! And you can write about Chloe and her cheering all you want - it's a pretty exciting time for her!!

xo Sio.

Anonymous said...

What?!!!! They came in 3rd?! Amazing! Congrats, Ladies.