Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Day 20 - ETM

Usually we don't leave this so late, but here's our little assembly line after school today, pumping out Neve's valentines (while eating cream puffs). I like finding valentine ideas online ... this isn't the most clever thing ever but it was much easier than this or this. I thought tic tacs were 77 cents at  the dollar store, but it turns out they're $1.49 at Superstore (they were $1.25 at Dollar Tree but Darla got there first and cleaned them out). By the time I realized how much they cost, I had already ordered the cards from Costco and it was too late to think of something else. There are 24 kids in Neve's class so with printing costs, etc. it was like $40. Those kids better LOVE those tic tacs.
Today I thought of an even better valentine we could have done. You know the song "Like I'm gonna lose you"? I could have used a picture like this and put "I'm gonna love you like I'm gonna lose it."
Wouldn't that have been awesome? No? Neve probably wouldn't think so either. But if your kid still has valentines to make, feel free to use that idea.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Ellen!

But thanks for letting us copy!


Daniel said...

Aww, very cool valentines! I don't know that song. That pic scares me.

Anonymous said...

Ellen, if you don't send me the 'I'm going to love you like I'm going to lose it" Valentine, I'll be very put out.

Your Valentines are intense and fun and amazing. Last year we made our Valentines by was fun, but long and I ended up doing a lot of E's because it was just too much for him to scrawl and cut and glue so many...I made him do all the writing part). This year, I bought ones at Safeway, yelled at my kids to stay focused to fill in all the names (well, just E, because B is very focused), and then lost heart (!) and left them to their craziness.

But the beauty of getting out of the way: After they had finished their school Valentines they had a few left over so their Scottishness won the day to not waste these perfectly good Valentines and they began to make some for all the people they love.

Which raised a conundrum because they ran out of Valentines before they ran out of people they love and had to start cutting hearts from paper...which irked my Scottishness because of how much paper they wasted cutting ONE 4 inch heart from each 8x11. Sigh.

Love wins.

someone said...

hahahahahah!! Oh, Sheri-Lee!! That whole tirade was funny. There is something very ironic about yelling at kids while they make valentines.

I so love that Chloe gets involved with her little sister's school stuff. :)

xo Sio