Monday, February 15, 2016

Day 22 - ETM

Happy Kornelsentines Day! It was another successful celebration of cousins and treats and chocolate cake. Bella and Lexie came for night and Tia (who had knee surgery just two days ago) and the foreign student who lives with them joined us in the morning. My niece Bailey is out of town for a few months so we had to settle with face-timing her. 
I wish Valentines Day always fell on a weekend. We had a nice leisurely morning of overeating, games and puzzling. In the afternoon I went for a run to counteract all the chocolate and then the girls and I went shopping. The kids went to their grandma's for dinner and Dale and I went to Confusion Corner Bar & Grill. I'd never been there before and wasn't expecting much. You may wonder why we'd go somewhere we didn't think would be that great. I don't have a good answer for that but we were pleasantly surprised. Then we came home and I worked on the puzzle and then we all watched the Amazing Race, followed by several Office episodes. It was the best day I've had since Christmas holidays.
Playing Scattergories
Chloe had another cheer competition yesterday right on the heels of her Florida trip. This is the last competition of her high school career that I'll see (she has one more in April, but I can't make it that day). They did a modified version of the routine they did in Florida, so it was fun seeing it in real life.
Chloe's in the centre on the ground

Oh, I think that I've found myself a cheerleader ... (the one  holding the V)


Anonymous said...

The girls really love your Valentines tradition!!!!!! Thank you for always including them and spooling them! Jim

Anonymous said...

I always love to see your Valentine's celebrations and aspire to be like you!