Thursday, February 18, 2016

Day 24 - ETM

Someone left his homework until the end of the evening...

We have a family wedding next weekend and I tried everything to convince Spencer to cut his hair. I even sent our hairdresser photos of his wild head to get her on my side. It didn't work. She said she liked it like that. She must be busy.

So I gave up. But I've learned to make the most of giving up. I negotiated a deal in which I have control over his hair on the day of the wedding and he has to stand still for me to brush it. Plus he has to happily answer five questions over the next month (he hates to be asked any questions about school). He whispered to Dale that he got off easy but just wait until he hears the questions I'm going to ask. I'll be lying awake at night thinking about what to ask. I may be exhausted in the mornings but I'll have the last laugh.


It's a good thing I enjoyed the relative peace and quiet in January because February has had a lot going on: cheer and gymnastics competitions, Valentine’s Day, lots of photo shoots at Chamber businesses (for an upcoming event), and coordinating a gymnastics fundraiser. As everyone who has recently come into contact with Neve knows, her birthday is right around the corner so there are multiple celebration preparations to be made. We also have the aforementioned wedding coming up; I haven’t been involved with the planning, but getting five people dressed appropriately for a wedding is a full time job. It would be nice if all my other nieces and nephews and friends and relatives who are contemplating marriage would move quickly while our new fancy clothes are still in style and still fit.

And I’m still trying to Enjoy The Moment.
Actually it’s not that hard. It’s all fun stuff that I enjoy. Everything is put in perspective when I think of my friend Jenn whose 13-year-old son was diagnosed with cancer a couple of weeks ago. Their family was about to leave for Florida with the cheer team (their daughters are on Chloe’s team) when their whole life was stopped in its tracks. The prognosis is very encouraging but there are many months of hospital stays and treatments ahead. Jenn and her family are probably the most positive people in the history of ever and they constantly amaze me with how they always notice and appreciate and are thankful for the good things even in these tough days.

Suddenly an unruly head of hair isn't such a big deal.

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