Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Day 26 - ETM

I did a short post from my phone yesterday but apparently it didn't publish. That's too bad since a) it was Neve's birthday and b) now I'm behind yet another daily post.

Neve is now two lines old, according to the icing on the star-shaped Rice Krispie treats she brought to school yesterday. I wrote "11" on each of them with red icing but it just looked like two random parallel lines. Which is what 11 is, but I pictured it better in my head.

The celebrating began on Sunday with family coming over for birthday cake. Her choice for the second year in a row was chocolate trifle with berries.

One of Neve's birthday gifts from Bob & Jan straight from Germany - a game we love called "6 Nimmt"

Yesterday, her actual birthday, was a pretty great day. Neve woke up bright and early, put on the new pants she got from Jim & Sabrina, and popped in to Starbucks for her free birthday frappucino on her way to school. In the evening we went to Boston Pizza for dinner. We had to go early since Chloe had cheer practice at 6:00 and no one was very hungry, especially Neve. After her Bugs & Cheese, she was so full that she asked if she could have her free birthday brownie to go. Normally, the serving staff all comes and sings happy birthday when they bring the brownie, but since Neve asked for it to go, the server just brought it over in a box with no fanfare. Well. The birthday song is the main reason Neve chose BP. So we asked the server if the staff still sings for birthdays and she said "well, I messed up and wasn't supposed to give you the brownie to go. We're supposed to serve it here. My bad." ("My bad" is one of my top ten least favourite expressions.)  That didn't really answer the question but I said, "Oh, then can you serve it to her instead?" Again she avoided the question and just said, "Oh it's okay, my manager just signed off on it so it's all good." Actually it wasn't all good but Neve was satisfied that we'd tried so we moved on. I guess I can't really blame them for not wanting to sing.

Then the most exciting part of the day: we went to the Apple store and Neve bought a brand new iPad mini. Ironically, it wasn't even a birthday gift. She's been saving up for a long time and chose her birthday as the day to make the purchase. She'd been using Dale's old iPhone 3G as her iPod, but this is the first device of her own and she was so excited. We started the setup process at the store, but I thought I could figure it out at home. That was a mistake because it was super frustrating and I made a mess of things and Neve was disappointed she couldn't FaceTime her friends last night. But I called Apple support this morning and straightened things out so she'll be happy when she gets home from school.

There's nothing like a brand new i product!

Then we watched Amazing Race, ate ice cream cupcakes from Marble Slab and opened up presents (she opened a couple earlier in the day too - she got clothes, books, and a full-length mirror for her room). She got lots of messages and cards and calls and felt very special all day. It's fun to see how much she enjoys her birthday. Chloe is more reserved about it and Spencer thinks birthdays are too big of a deal, so thank goodness we still have one kid who is not too cool to be ridiculously excited about it. Our house would be pretty dull without Neve's spark and enthusiasm. We're pretty crazy about her.

Yeah, the candle size is disproportionate to the cupcake


someone said...

Happy Birthday Week, Nevey!! It sounds like it was an exciting day. I've actually decided we don't do enough celebrating in our house, so it's my intention to change that up this year. What's the point of life if we don't celebrate stuff??

I also hate the "my bad" phrase. It's such a passive way of sort of taking responsibility.

The candle on the cupcake at the end made me laugh out loud.

xo Sio

Anonymous said...

6 Nimmt picture:
Tia, "Uncle Dale is such a cheater."
Jim, "I hate getting beat at cards...it's worse than losing to Ellen at ping pong."
Dale, "I'll just slide this card over here ... and no one will notice."

And triple agree "my bad" -- what are you a chimpanzee learning English? Ugh.

Happy Birthday, Neve!

L said...

haha Sheri-Lee - that's probably pretty accurate!

Sio - I agree! There are enough boring days. We have to take advantage of any excuse to shake things up!

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