Monday, March 07, 2016

Working for the weekend

Well, that was a busy weekend. Friday night was the Chamber’s Spirit Awards Gala. It went really well and was fun to get all fancy and hang out with the co-workers. Dale and I wore the exact same clothes we wore to my nephew’s wedding; I hope no one noticed. Good thing Dale bought a suit – he wore it twice in one week. What are the chances of that?! My dress situation was a fiasco. I ordered it online from Hudson’s Bay; a designer dress on sale at 75% off. When it arrived, I was saddened to see they had sent me the black/red version instead of the black/white one I had ordered. But I liked the way it fit, so I called customer service and asked them if they could send me the right one and I’d return the wrong one. It sounds so easy. Oh, but it wasn’t. I won’t go into detail because you have better things to do than hear this very long and not particularly interesting story, but after many frustrating phone calls in which they said a white/black version of this dress did not exist, I gave up and kept the black/red one. On Monday, two days after the wedding, I received the white/black dress in the mail. They had charged it to my credit card at the non-sale price (but they so generously waived the shipping fee). I had already worn the red/black dress and I couldn’t muster up the passion to start the fight all over, so I returned the right dress to the Bay and am trying to move forward with my life.

The family at the wedding.

On Saturday, we went skiing at Holiday Mountain in La Riviere. It was a perfect day for it – sunny and very mild, but the snow conditions were still good. There were no line-ups for the lifts and we never had to go inside to warm up. The kids weren’t super excited to go skiing; Neve didn’t want to miss gymnastics, Chloe was tired and not feeling great, and Spencer just likes to be home. But we basically forced them to come and they were so glad they did. HA! When will they learn I’m always right?! They came alive in the fresh air and we all had so much fun together. The small hill and the limited runs made us look back longingly on our trip to Fernie two years ago and we all want to go back so badly (Jan, can you please make that happen?!).

And now for some video clips. In the one where Chloe goes over the jump, she had just yelled, "I don't want to do this!" Hence the guys yelling from the chairlift. Neve takes a little tumble after her jump, but she pops right back up.

Sunday was a three-birthday-party day. Neve went to one of her best friend’s birthday party at Wheelies, Chloe and I went to my great-niece Nixi’s 4th birthday party, and then the whole family went to Jim & Sabrina’s for Bella’s 8th birthday party. My cell phone pics from Nixi's party didn't turn out well, but I got a few of both birthday girls at Bella's party. We are lucky to have such sweet, cute little girls in our life.

All the cousins except Bailey (plus a few extras)

Nixi and her li'l sis (Neve told me to write that)

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Daniel said...

So much to love in this post!! Your beautiful family, the great skiing report, the birthday photos, the photo caption by your editor!