Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Birthdays and more

There's been so much going on that my head is basically just spinning in circles. We're off to China in a couple of days, so I'm going to post a super quick update and get it out of my head.

First - Chloe's birthday celebrations. On her birthday (a Thursday), we went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner, which was a good time. Later than night, her two older cousins took her to the casino. On your 18th birthday, you gotta do something you couldn't do before! 

Chloe zoning out while Dale gives her a crash course in Blackjack. Clearly she should have paid more attention because she did not return from the casino wealthier.

On Saturday, we had both families over for dinner. Barbecuing would have been the obvious choice if Chloe wasn't a vegetarian (yeah I know you can bbq other things, but we don't know how). Instead we made three big pans of lazy man's perogy casserole. It turned out well but it was a lot of work. There was nothing lazy about that. It was a great time though - lots of people and food and laughter.

To celebrate Spencer's birthday, I drove him around the city to different second-hand record stores on Saturday. We went to a couple he'd never been to before. At one place, the owner found out it was his birthday and gave him a coupon for a free drum lesson and two free Beatles records. We ate lunch at Nuburger and stopped at Fatburger for a milkshake later on. So that was fun.

For dinner, we went to Sherbrook Street Delicatessen. The sandwiches were good, but I wouldn't have to go back. Spencer compares all deli sandwiches to the one he had in Montreal, so this one didn't quite measure up. We picked up some dessert at Stella's Bakery and stuck a candle in Spencer's piece.

His birthday was actually the next day so he opened some presents:

and shared a cake at my parents with Sabrina and Jordan:

One of the most interesting gifts he got was this jar with money frozen in different layers. That was pretty fun.


Okay, so the birthdays are now documented.

We celebrated Easter at Dale's mom's on Good Friday. Everyone except the Florida people were there. The kids did an Easter egg hunt and played games, etc. It was a really good day.

Spring break was pretty low-key. I took the week off work but still had lots to do to get ready for the China trip, as well as a couple of fundraisers I'm helping with. The exchange student who lives at my sister's spent a couple of days with us. We went to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding, we went to see the Cannes ads at the WAG, and Neve and I went to a hotel to swim and hang out with friends. There was also gymnastics and a birthday party and dinner at a friend's.

Yesterday we went to my parents', where we had a big all-encompassing celebration of many things. Everyone except Dan & Jenn were there (although Dan did join us via FaceTime for a bit!). Things we were celebrating: my parents just got home from three months in Florida, my niece Bailey just returned from a few months in BC., it was Spencer's birthday, Sabrina's birthday the next day, and Jordan's birthday three days earlier. We threw in an Easter egg hunt … and most exciting of all…. two engagements! My brother Greg and his girlfriend Lori are getting married in a couple of months and my niece Bailey came home from BC engaged to her boyfriend Darrin! We all love Lori and Darrin so it's definitely something to celebrate.

So that's my news in a nutshell. I'm watching giant flakes of snow falling outside and am very much looking forward to the mid-20 degree temperatures in Beijing. I don't know if I'll be posting any pictures on social media; the Chinese government frowns upon it and blocks access to Facebook, Instagram, Blogger, etc. 

That's okay; we'll do it old school and get out the slide projector when we get back. 


Anonymous said...

Ahhh yeeeaah...kickin' it old school. Can't wait to see the pics.

Have a great trip!

Daniel said...

So much love, and so much to love in this post!!

I love it that the record store guy pitched in for Spencer's birthday! That's a great surprise!

Sweet little Lexie delighted at her big cousin blowing out the candles! And then squeezing in there to help the birthday threesome at Mom & Dad's.

The happy engaged couples! And the beautiful flowers!

And, the China trip, which was so far in the distant future, has suddenly become tomorrow! Have a great time!