Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Blossoms / End of grade 12

I’m pretty happy about spring right now. As my Instagram followers know all too well, I’ve been filling my feed with buds and flowers and blossoms. Going for a morning run is almost fun these days, with the scent of lilacs and apple blossoms as I run past gorgeous pink fluffy trees. I’m trying to enjoy every second because those blossoms disappear way too quickly.

Chloe had her very last exam of high school today. Actually she finished her high school exams in late April and has been doing IB exams for the past couple of weeks. She ended off her grade 12 year with a French exam this afternoon.

Last day of school!
No one enjoys hearing people boast about their children, so let me just quietly and humbly state for the record that Chloe is pretty amazing. I really wanted to type that in all caps, but I’m holding back. She has worked super hard the last few years to complete a tough internationally-recognized program (IB) that consists not only of university-level academics, but also emphasizes independent thinking, cultural awareness, and a minimum of 150 volunteer hours in order to receive your diploma. While doing that, she was also on the cheer team (practices were two evenings a week), she got her lifeguard/instructor certification, she got a part-time job teaching swimming two nights a week, has a regular babysitting gig one night a week and usually another one on the weekend. Before you feel too sorry for her and her busy schedule, don’t worry – she still finds lots of time for snapchatting and watching Netflix. But she’s pretty happy to have the weight of school lifted for the next 3+ months. This will be the first summer in four years that she hasn’t been away for part of it (ie. youth trips, Churchill, French exchange program) so I’m looking forward to having her around more. Although she does have a lifeguarding job lined up for the summer which will cut into our vacation plans. In the fall, she’s off to U of W which is a short bike or bus ride away. Having your first born graduate from high school is much less traumatic when they’ll still be living at home and part of your everyday life. I can’t even imagine what the transition would be like if she was moving away for university. I know she’d be fine; it’s the rest of us I’d be worried about.

If that wasn’t bragging, I don’t know what is. I’m sorry.

Now go outside and take time to smell the flowers before your kids are all grown up and moved away!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE hearing about Chloe!! And she IS an amazing person. I am so proud of her and Aimee, my first little daycare bugs. They have grown up to be awesome people. And its great that C will be at home for a few more years. 18 is hard to let them go. Linda had to with Laura and Ashley (Western U in London) and it was REALLY hard on her. Man, all my babies are growing up.

Congratulations, Chloe Hannah!! Love, Foff. xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

There are appropriate times to brag about your children...this is one of them. Recognizing achievements is important, but I love that you also recognize her character, which is more important. She IS pretty amazing. Congrats to Chloe (and to Mom and Dad who get to keep her around for a few more years at least).


Daniel said...

Congratulations Chloe, you wonderful girl/woman! Ellen, you are totally entitled to brag about your kids all you want! I love to hear that!

Glad you're enjoying the blossoms for all their worth - I made a point of stopping at a lilac bush every day while they were in bloom here.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Chloe!! You are AWESOME and a great role model for our girls!! Jim.