Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hello, it's me … I've been wondering if after all this time you'd like to meet ...

I’m glad I posted a pretty picture at the top of my last post. Who knew it would be almost a month before I’d post again? The longer I don’t post, the more overwhelming it seems to write something so I’ll just dive right in. I’ll try to do a more complete update at some point because there are several things worth mentioning. But in case that doesn't happen for a while, I put a nice pic at the top again.

As you’ve probably gathered, things have been busy. It’s June. We’re all busy. It’s the time of the year when the school staff looks at the calendar and says “How are we going to push parents over the edge this year?” I believe they delight in that.

This year Chloe's graduation is added to the usual mix of things such as the volunteer tea, school carnival, choir performances, wind-ups, birthday parties squeezed in before summer holidays, and potluck lunches (I’m still trying to figure out why Spencer signed up to bring butter chicken when we rarely cook meat). There are various things that need to be coordinated: from hair and nails to transportation to planning a grad party with some family & friends. I’ve been so busy with work that some things have fallen between the cracks, but that’s okay. The show will go on and we’ll try to do better in three years when it’s Spencer’s turn.

Chloe has begun her summer job, lifeguarding at an outdoor pool at an apartment building. I took a picture of her leaving for her first full shift of work, but she was not very cooperative. I’m pretty sure she secretly liked it though.

Unfortunately, she was back home within the hour. There were problems with the chemicals in the pool and the pool company said they’d have to close it for the day. Later, her boss called and said it could be re-opened at 4:00, so it worked out okay in the end. It was a scorching hot day so I’m sure the residents were happy about that.

Now I’m going to throw in random photos and call it a day.

This is a throwback to when Dan & Jenn were out for Greg's wedding. I'll elaborate on that another day.

Siobhan's in town for a month! She met Dan & Jenn, Janet, Chloe and I for lunch on the one day Dan & Jenn's trip overlapped with hers. Thought I should commemorate the occasion with a photo. Who knows when they'll both be in Winnipeg at the same time again. If they insist on not living in Winnipeg, I'm happy that at least they're Vancouver friends.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you will find us at the soccer field.

Neve has improved a hundred-fold, but she'd still rather be doing this:

School carnival

Art show


Here's a little glimpse of Greg & Lori's wedding. Well, actually the end/clean-up of the wedding.


Daniel said...

The nice thing about a break between posts is that you come back with a ton of great things!!

Anonymous said...

And you're guilt ridden enough to do a couple of posts quickly back to back.

From Sheri-Lee

Anonymous said...

I've missed you!!!!