Monday, July 11, 2016

Andy Lake 2016

We spent last week at Andy Lake in the same cabin we've rented the past few summers. I could really just link to the blog posts from previous years because we did exactly the same things. We just look a little older and heavier in the pictures.

It's by far our most relaxing week of the year ... no schedule, no work, no watches, no makeup. Other years we've done little excursions to Kenora or Sioux Narrows but this year the furthest we went was a few kilometres up the road for ice cream. It was so good - exactly what we all needed after a very busy May and June. In some ways, it would have been nice to go a little later in July instead of immediately after the busy-ness of grad. It added to the stress, knowing we had to prepare and pack up as soon as the festivities were over. We didn't even start getting ready to go until Saturday morning - Dale went grocery shopping while I packed - and we were on our way by 1:00 pm. But even with that pressure, as soon as we were on the road, it was awesome. If we'd gone a week later, it probably would have taken me that entire week to get ready, yet somehow we did it in only a few hours. So that was a good lesson. Well, we forgot a lot of things, but we managed. Chloe joined us halfway through the week, so she brought everything we had forgotten. And more junk food, since supply could not keep up with demand. All my clothes are tight and drastic measures need to be taken but it's summer and everything tastes so good.

Lucky Charms means we're on holidays

I would have liked a little more sun and a little more heat, but we worked with what we had. It was overcast a lot, but very little rain. We spent our days in the water - canoeing, swimming, paddle-boating, jumping on the water trampoline - reading on the dock, and playing games in the screen room. After dinner, we did our sauna/swim/repeat routine, followed by a few episodes of Corner Gas. It was such good family time and even better once Chloe arrived.

Trampoline-wrestling was the highlight again. The children are getting stronger. They look so pleased with themselves for pushing Dale off.

There were cats again this year, including 5 kittens. Neve made friends with the owners' kids and they spent a lot of time looking after the kittens. I don't believe the kittens actually needed looking after but the girls felt otherwise. They made a cozy space for them, complete with a chart of all the kittens' names.

Lots of reading was done. I measure the success of a vacation by how many books I read (three and a half)


The pre-requisite dock-jumping pic

It was hard to leave this beautiful view, but there are good things about being at home too. Like ... laundry? work? cleaning? Okay, there aren't many advantages other than sleeping in my own bed. And using my own bathroom. And all the plug-in rodent repellers made me uncomfortable. We've never seen a mouse or evidence of one but they wouldn't have those repellers for no reason. I never look in corners or under the bed. In fact, I keep my eyes fixed at about waist-height anytime I'm in the cabin.

The resort owners are making some changes and they're not taking bookings for next year at this point. I'm very much hoping we can go back next year, but if not, we'll be on the hunt for a new place. That will be sad for us because I can't imagine a nicer set-up than this. But it would be good for you blog readers - you wouldn't have to see the identical blog post for the fourth straight year.

After we checked out on Saturday, we went to Rushing River for the afternoon.  Jim & Sabrina were camping there with friends, so we hung out with them. They have a huge floating party island - here it is floating to the main beach.

We're heading back there later this week for a camping excursion with Blake & Kristin. The laundry should be done just in time to pack up again. But it's nice to have something to look forward to (the camping, not the laundry).


someone said...


xo Sio.

(Oh, and the rest the stuff looks like it was fun. But KITTENS!!!)

Daniel said...

Sio, you took the words right out of my mouth! ;-)

Always fun to see your fun times! Hope next year works out just fine.