Friday, July 29, 2016


In summer, pretty much every day is a good day but yesterday was even gooder than most.

I had a great bike ride to work; the weather was perfect and I only had to stop for two red lights.

As soon as I stepped into the office, I heard someone exclaim, "And she just walked in!" Turns out someone had just pulled my name in the draw for free Bomber tickets. That was a great way to start the day. But wait! It keeps getting better. In my mail slot was a sizeable cheque for the annual work project I do on the side. Then I got some great news about next spring's Chamber trip (I'm going to Croatia!).

Later in the morning, a guy in my office comes tearing down the hall, yelling to me that someone tried to steal my bike, which is locked up outside. As a fellow cyclist, he always keeps an eye out for suspicious activities around bikes and happened to see a guy bent over my bike. When he went outside to investigate, he saw the guy sawing my lock off with a knife.

My co-worker is the politest guy you've ever met and he said, "Sir! What are you doing? That's my co-worker's bike!" Another passerby also saw this and started yelling at the thief using much less polite words. Something to the effect of "you f*&% *#$&@* I'm calling the cops! You better run, you f$#*& @*#&$!"

He ran.

So my bike was saved. I brought it into my office for the rest of the to help it get over its trauma.

I didn't even get my bike on the picture. And yes I know my helmet's crooked.

After a lovely ride home on my newly-appreciated bike, I nurtured my children and my plants and got ready for dinner. Bob & Janet and the girls came over for a belated birthday dinner for Jan, then Jim and the girls joined us for cake. It makes me so happy to have people over and be able to sit out on the deck well into the evening. Consider that your invitation to come join me!

hashtag blessed

(that's for you, Siobhan)


Daniel said...

Wow, what a day! Glad your coworker was able to thwart the theft - and I'm glad there was someone else to be not-so-polite to the $*(&#$g bag of ---------------

The evening looks beautiful! Love the candle-blowing helpers! And yay! I'll join you on your deck soon!!!

someone said...

hahahahahahah! I am only reading this post now. "Hashtag blessed" - too funny!! And oh man, the stories I could tell you about the #blessed culprit at this point (insert eye roll emoticon here). And boy, do I wish I could be joining you on your deck on a more regular basis!!

AND - as a now fellow bike commuting buddy, I sure am glad your coworker has such sharp eyes!! I have started using two locks on my bike to thwart the (insert any bad word you deem fit, here!).

What a fabulous day indeed!!

xo Sio