Friday, August 05, 2016

August / Summer Part II

I hate turning the calendar to August. It means my favourite month is over and September is next. I'm trying to work on my perspective; since school doesn't start til Sept. 7, we're not even halfway into summer vacation. But soon we'll be past the halfway mark. And then the slippery downhill slope will kick in. No! I must stop thinking that! It's only August! Yay for over a month of summer left! I heard someone refer to it as Summer Part II. That's my new mantra.

As much as I love summer, it also stresses me out a bit. I'm sad that we're not going on a big summer road trip. It's weird with Chloe working so much and not joining us for family activities. I struggle with balancing work and fun. My work is much slower in summer, but then I worry that I'm not doing enough. This cartoon sums up that situation:

I'm trying to teach myself to not overthink things and just enjoy the moment, and often it works. I've enjoyed a lot of moments this summer, especially last weekend.

After spending a few magical hours at Darla's pool (we are "helping" Darla by looking after her pool while she's on vacation), we packed up and went to Hecla for the weekend. Dale's brother and sister-in-law have a cottage there and we had such a great time. It's so beautiful and natural and rocky with the most stunning views. We swam and ate and drank and talked and skipped stones and played Rook. My sister-in-law made a fire on the beach and her, Neve and I swam til the stars were out. When it got completely dark, we lay on the ground and watched the stars and satellites and planes and UFOs. It was pretty amazing. On Sunday, we went to watch a parade in the village. It was a good time.

At the parade. The floats were way more fun and original than what you see at the Santa Claus parade!

The rest of the week has included lots of swimming at Darla's pool. The weather was so hot at the beginning of the week and we've enjoyed it to the fullest.

Tuesday night we went to the Portugeuse pavillion at Folklorama to see my nieces dance. They were so cute as always; afterward they came over for night and spent the next day with us. I love that they bring out the "playing" side of Neve - the girls all played Playmobil for hours. At one point while playing I heard Lexie say, "There's an emergency! Call 991! Call 991!" Bella or Neve told her it was actually 911. "Yeah, 991!" she said. When we went swimming, she wanted me to watch her do a trick. Then she said, "Watch it again! I'm going to do a replay." 

Something I try to do every summer, with limited success, is to get the kids to make a few meals. This week, Neve chose a pasta dish from our favourite Loony Spoons cookbook and did a great job.


Wednesday night, Dale and I went to the Bomber game that I won the tickets for. Due to severe weather, the game was delayed by 2.5 hours. A lot of people just went home, but apparently we are diehard fans and we stayed the course. We met a bunch of people we knew so the time passed fairly quickly. And the Bombers won. I'm not really into football but Dale said it was an awesome game. We didn't even stay right to the end and still only got home at 1 a.m.

Dale's sister and niece arrived from Florida on Wednesday, so Chloe, Sarah, Neve and I went on a little Exchange excursion on Thursday. We got Bronuts (the "Summer" donut is my new favourite - sooo good), browsed in shops, and ate lunch at Chosabi (sushi burritos). Then we picked my brother Dan up the airport and hung out at home. For dinner, we went to Dale's mom's with Dale's entire family except my niece Amy, who's in Ontario for the summer.

So yeah. It's been a good week. And I didn't even mention everything because I gave myself a blogging time limit so I can go enjoy more summer moments.

Hope you are all making lots of good summer memories too. Summer Part II - whoohoo!


someone said...

That's an awesome week, L !! The cabin looks like a perfect summer spot. As does Darla's pool. I'm impressed you stuck out the football game as long as you did!! And I love how Neve is holding her plate rather precariously in the photo where she did the cooking. This was a great post!

xo Sio.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking such great care of our pool!!!!!!

I love reading about all the stuff you are doing in the summer time. I totally relate to that comic. :(

Also, Maddie wants to know if Chloe is reading Harry Potter in the pic at the pool? If yes, she said to say she got it on our trip and finished it in one day. She loved it!