Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Family Weekend 2016

I've got a lot to catch up on, but today's post will focus on this past weekend and our annual family festivities at my parents' house.

Things kicked off Friday night with the opening ceremonies parade. There were five tractors, a wagon (that's what we'll call it), balloons, a flag, and lots of people. There was a close(ish) call with a car  and some tears over some lost balloons, but overall it was a huge success.

Then there's a big gap in my photos because Dale and I left my parents early Saturday morning to head to Kenora to pick Neve up from camp. We didn't get back until after 2:30 and missed all kinds of fun including another parade, a pet raccoon, and a drone. Oh well, it was pretty fun being reunited with Neve too. Even though she was too embarrassed to hug us in front of her friends. The transition from camp back to real life is always a bit rocky.

We managed to herd everyone together for a family picture. We're missing two people: my sister-in-law Jenn and my niece's fiancé, Darrin. But 24/26 is not bad.

My great-niece on the tillactor. Chloe used to be obsessed with this thing but now it's the younger kids' turns.

Cool kid

And here - as my brother Jim puts it - is the redneck waterslide. My dad and Dan set this up on the dike. Unfortunately it was a bit cool so most of us were spectators.


All the gorgeous zinnias and other flowers

Tia organized some relay activities. I'm glad no one took a picture of me and Lori doing the three-legged race because we sucked.

Things are going crazy. And this is before Sabrina starts pushing down the competition.

Sitting by the fire eating sunflower seeds was a large part of the weekend.

And zip lining of course.

And playing games.

Including these guys and their non-words and politically incorrect Bananagrams

And here's Lexie feeding Methusala the doll. Methusala is a giant doll that belonged to my aunt and has provided much fun and even more fright in recent years. I think he's made an appearance on the blog before. He is missing an arm and has seen better days. The kids love to dress him and place him in random spots to "surprise" people. Nothing funner than seeing a spooky doll propped in front of the door when you wake up. Or finding his missing limb in the shower.

Bailey and Darrin asked the girls to be their flower girls in the cutest way ever. They gave them cookies with little notes attached. The girls were pretty excited.

Another very exciting thing was a kitten that Darrin brought. He was looking for a temporary home for her and guess who she went home with? That's a whole other blog post.

The weekend ended with our traditional rollkucke and watermelon meal.

There are other things I didn't get pictures of such as the fireworks on Saturday night, the Z50s tearing around, bocce ball, frisbee golf, and the game of 500. I also didn't get great pictures of my parents, who make it all happen. My dad tends to look like a Most Wanted poster and my mom never sits still long enough to be in a picture (except I like the one of her and Bella and Neve).

It's always sad when it's over, but it was a great weekend with lots of new memories made. It's always nice to have Dan here; he makes things more fun. Until next year ...


Daniel said...

Awww, you're giving me way too much credit - perhaps it's just that all the fun happens at the time I come to visit!! And I'm so glad to be part of this wonderful family!

Oh boy, I can imagine the bananagram outcome...

Great bunch of photos, and I love the description of events. The family photo turned out great!!! Should we photoshop the two missing members in?

someone said...

I love these posts. And I REALLY love your parents yard. It's so great to have family get togethers like this! Your photo captions made me laugh - especially the one about Sabrina pushing down the competition.


You DO know kitties keep birds out of the yard, right?

xo Sio

Anonymous said...

Great post! Was a very fun wknd. Love the pic of Sabrina dragging Lexie and reaching for the stars! And I want to mention my awesome tshirt on the last pic! Thanks Ellen. Jim.

Daniel said...

I finally did another blog post - but I think your account of the weekend is much more entertaining!!