Thursday, August 25, 2016


So. The kitten.

Let me start by saying I’m not a pet person. I don’t mind animals (except birds) and I like other people’s pets but I’m just never had the desire to have one of my own. I didn’t grow up with inside pets and never bonded with the cats and dogs running around the yard. Which is probably a good thing, since they didn’t usually last long.

Luckily or genetically, my kids aren’t (or so I thought) pet people either. In the last year or two, Neve has occasionally asked for a kitten but she didn’t really mean it. I’d see her holding a kitten in the most awkward way possible, and she’d quickly put it down the instant it moved a muscle.

Fast forward to this past weekend. My niece’s fiancé brought a kitten to my parents’ that he rescued from a bleak future due to a physical disability (its front paws are a bit twisted). He was looking for a temporary home for little Bean, just until his work schedule eased up in a couple of weeks. My nephew Jordan was going to take it, but the outside life was not deemed suitable for Bean and the search for a more monitored situation began.

That’s when Neve started begging. Apparently she’s “always wanted a kitten” and “it’s just for a few weeks” and “I’ll take care of her” and “you don’t have to do anything.”

She had competition; Lexie was enamoured with little Bean as well. Sabrina was concerned about their existing cat’s reaction to a kitten but she could have been swayed.

Yet somehow Neve was successful.

We ended up going home with a cat. One with special needs at that (Jordan calls her Handicat). My niece and her fiancé splinted her paws to get the tendon to stretch but Bean hated that so much and chewed them off the first night. Future medical intervention may be necessary.

It’s actually a nice little kitten. She’s cute and spunky and she figured out the litter box right away. Neve attached a ribbon to a pencil crayon and plays with her for hours on end, as you would know if you followed her on Instagram. The rest of my family is also quite taken with her. Dale babies and indulges her. Chloe snuggles with her while she watches TV. Spencer is more like me; he thinks she’s cute but won’t cry when she leaves.

Everyone thinks I’m going to fall in love with the kitten and suddenly I won’t be able to live life without a cat of my own. They are wrong. As Ogden Nash puts it:
The trouble with a kitten is that
eventually it becomes a cat.
Maybe not the most profound poetry ever, but yeah. We're lucky to get the kitten stage. I'm sure there are advantages to grown-up cats but I hope to never find out what they are.
Now enjoy a few of the many photos I have taken. Just because I’m not in love with it doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s cute. These are just iPhone photos; it's not like I got out my good camera or anything.  Although I did use the Color Pop app for the top photo …

cat and mouse

Dale is radiating joy. I'll probably get him a framed copy of this for his office. The cat's a bit blurry but Dale looks awesome.

Bean loves this blanket and likes to fight with the ruffle around the edge.

Not sure if all cats do this or if her gimpy paws bother her, but she looks like a chipmunk when she does this.

There are also several videos but I don't feel like uploading them. Besides, we're not even pet people.


Daniel said...

❤ x 1000

L said...

For some reason Sheri-Lee's comments aren't showing up, but I get them in an email.

Her comment was: "Sio! Where is your comment???"

I know, right?! I wrote that post just for her! It's like she doesn't even read the blog!

Daniel said...

She's probably just speechless with the cuteness of this little Bean!

someone said...

hahahahahah! I was away all weekend! But I loaded up your blog first thing this am to read while drinking my tea before heading to class!


I love the photos of Dale the best. He LOOKS enamoured!! It made me laugh to see him so taken with this little fuzzy baby!! You'd better get him a kitten for his birthday.

And - FYI: kittens grow up to be adorable, fat, lazy, cuddle bugs who only want to sit beside you while you watch tv and curl up beside you while you sleep. And they keep the house free of rodents. Although they do like to present you with said rodents, but that's minor.

Ellen loves the kitten, Ellen loves the kitten! (add sing song voice here).

xo Sio

Anonymous said...

Dale and the kitten sitting in a tree, k I s s I n g........