Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Back to School - Part 2

Today was Neve's first day of the last year of elementary school. Neve loves her school. She loves her principal and all the teachers and gets along with pretty much everyone. It's a tiny school where everyone knows almost everyone (I don't know a lot of the parents of the younger grades anymore) and it just has a nice community feel to it. It's been a great experience for all of us and a big part of our lives for a long time.
This is going to be a year of "lasts" for us. The last first day ... the last Halloween ... the last school carnival ... the last walking to and from school together. I know I'm sounding dramatic; but it's the last first day, so leave me alone.
The good part is that by the end of this year, Neve will be ready to move on. It's awesome being the oldest in the school, but by the end of grade six the kids are always ready to burst out of their comfortable cocoons and move on to bigger things. So I will cling to that thought and enjoy this last elementary year to its fullest.

I wonder if one day Neve will say, "Mom! Why did you let me wear that headband to school?!"


Anonymous said...

Uh...I'm assuming there will be a part 3 for Spencer...but right now it seems like your 3rd child has decided to quit school and just stay home. :P


someone said...

hahahaha S-L!

That headband was obviously the best purchase ever. It looks cute. And besides, don't we all have those photos that look back on and say "WHAT was I thinking?!" (pretty much every school photo of mine in existence..) But again - the daisies look cute.

xo Sio