Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Back to School - Part 3

The back-to-school pics were complicated this year: Chloe started school yesterday, Neve started this morning, and Spencer started this afternoon. I'm hoping I can get them all assembled tomorrow morning for a group photo. Chances are not good.
Spencer started Grade 10 this afternoon. He is not happy that summer holidays are over. He left the house as seldom as possible during the last two and a half months. If his teacher asks what he did this summer, he can answer in one word: read. You can see that his eyes are having a hard time adjusting to the sunlight. And it wasn't even sunny. Wait, I see shadows so I guess it was.
As much as he insists he doesn't like school, he actually enjoys learning. He is a fountain of knowledge on anything relating to history, geography, or music from the 70s. That's bound to come in handy sometime. He is entering the IB program this year (the same academic program Chloe did) and also planning to continue on with Reach for the Top and Improv. I can't complain too much about his lack of desire for social interaction outside of school because he seems to be with people a lot at school. In fact, when I was waiting for Neve after school, I saw Spencer walking home WITH A FRIEND. He had biked to school (see below photo - he loved that I took a picture) so he was walking his bike while talking to his friend. That is pretty much unprecedented. I asked him a few fact-finding questions after school but even though I bribed him with cookie dough, answers did not come easy.

The girls' first day(s) seem to be a success. Neve likes her new teacher (brand new to the school) and stayed after school to hang out with her friends. Chloe is optimistic that her classes will be interesting. She has met up with old school friends, bumped into other friends and relatives, and is making new friends (including a boy that she hung out with after class today...).

As for me, you ask? I have yet to spend a whole day at home by myself so I'm not feeling the full effect yet. I'm looking forward to some good uninterrupted work days ahead. Stay tuned.


someone said...

Chloe and a boooooy???? Seriously - baby photos.

Oh, Spencer. I think I am most intrigued by what Spencer is going to be doing at 24 years of age. He's a cool kid.

xo Sio

Anonymous said...

Mother, how is it that I am 18 years old but hanging out with a boy is still such exciting news that it needs to be mentioned on your blog?
-your favourite child

Daniel said...

LOL!! Nice one, Chloe!! :-D