Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hecla and more

I'm still planning to post a few more trip pictures, but in the meantime we had ourselves a fun little weekend in Hecla. Chloe ran the 5k and I ran the half on Saturday morning. It started off as a sunny, decent fall day but went downhill from there when the sun was soon replaced by a chilly wind. I loved running with a beautiful lake view but I didn't appreciate the icy gales off the water. I struggled the last three miles and did a lot of walking. I ended with a time of 2:09, which was exactly what I had predicted but was secretly hoping for better. Like I say every single time, next time I'm going to train more. Sure.
Before the race

Chloe finishes strong despite zero training

You can tell it's cold: the volunteer is wearing a parka! With fur on the hood!

Looking much happier than I felt

Other than the running, it was a great event. Yummy food and wine were served in the hospitality room and a soak in the spa was part of the deal. I'd love to do it again next year but will probably run the 10k instead of the half. The resort stay (Lakeview Hecla) was super fun; my neighbour Karen and another friend came too and we hung out at the pools and went for dinner and their daughters and Neve had a great time together. I hadn't stayed at the resort for many years and was really impressed with the rooms and the friendly staff and the beautiful grounds. It wasn't nearly as expensive as I thought it would be either, so I'd highly recommend it for a little getaway at any time of year.
We also went over to Dale's brother and sister-in-law's cottage on Saturday afternoon and enjoyed a relaxed, cozy fireside happy hour with them.

The last time the five of us stayed in a hotel together was in the summer of 2015. I can hardly believe that, but I think it's true. So things like ordering room service at 9:30 pm just because we can was pretty sweet. Here the kids are devouring an order of fish tacos:

Hotel accommodations for a family of five are complicated. We booked a suite and it was a really nice room, but it only had a king size bed and a small futon-like couch. Since there were no rooms available with two queen beds, they gave us two cots instead. Here they are, squished in like little sardines while Dale and I had an awesome king size bed in our own spacious area at the other end of the suite. But no one complained; it was all part of the fun. Our days of one hotel room are probably numbered but we don't usually spend a lot of time in the room so it's hard to justify two rooms.


One of these things is not like the other (hint: it's me)

Lots of pics of the girls, I know. Spencer a) doesn't like to be with us very much; b) doesn't like to be on pictures.

In other news, Spencer got his learners permit today! He even let me take a picture and has given me permission to post it.

I know everyone jokes about how scary it is that their "babies" are allowed to drive hahaha, but I am actually legit scared. I'm like the guy from The Scream painting. I believe in time he will be shaped into a good, confident driver but what worries me is that he doesn't even look up when he walks across the street. My heart has stopped too many times to count when I've dropped him off somewhere and watched him cross the street, head down, right in front of a car. I do need to give him some credit; he has biked to school the last two years (unless there's snow) and has always come home in one piece. I asked him once if he ever had close calls and when he hesitated and started to answer, I decided I didn't want to know and quickly changed the subject ("Look, marshmallows!"). As I know from experience, even with all senses on high alert, the odds of a close call are pretty high when biking. Never mind when you're in your own little world, thinking of the characters in the 800-page novel you're reading, the population of Botswana, the age of the Giza Plateau, or analyzing the lyrics of a Pink Floyd song. There's a lot going on in that head and there's not much room left for things like awareness or caution, or for that matter, social interaction. But that's another story.

I take comfort in knowing that there have been others like him who have gone on to successfully operate motor vehicles. I'm sure it will be fine, probably. He does not like to display his emotions but I sensed he was pretty happy about reaching this milestone.


Today is my sister-in-law Joan's birthday (the video in the linked post is a little cheesy and there are things I would now do differently, but it is what it is). In my mind, I can still hear her laugh as clear as if I'd heard it yesterday. I miss her and hope she's having a wild and crazy birthday up there.


Chloe and I did a 6 a.m. spin class at the new WPG Cycle this morning, so I'm fading fast. It was a high-energy workout with great music and the 50-minute class just zipped by. I felt like I could conquer the world afterward - and I did get a lot done today - but not being a morning person, I'm paying for it now at the end of the day. But I kind of like knowing I have the willpower to get up that early - it feels empowering. But I'm still going to sleep in tomorrow.


Daniel said...

I was thinking of Joan all day, and yes, her laughter comes to mind so easily! I miss her too.
The hotel and spa look great! The sleeping accomodations seem a bit tight. :-D

Anonymous said...

Ellen, you look amazing on your half marathon run!!! Way to go!

I love that picture of you and Joan. Even though I never knew her that pic also makes me feel like I would have just loved her!