Wednesday, October 12, 2016


After twelve fun-filled days of a Chamber/Peruvian adventure, I got home yesterday. Dale got home a few days before me while I continued on to the Amazon. I will do a more detailed trip summary, but all I can say is GO TO PERU! It is beautiful, fascinating, breath-taking, historic, and just plain amazing. Pictures cannot do justice to the grandeur of the mountains, the valleys, and the Inca sites. You just have to go see it for yourself.

If you look at the top picture, you see a tall mountain just behind/to the right of the ruins. In the photo above, Dale and I are dangling at the top of that peak. Definitely caused a few butterflies in my stomach. The climb was pretty crazy but so worth it.

The trip got off to a rough start at our first connection in Toronto. We received news of a death of one of our travelers' family members (again!?!) and had to go tell her. She ultimately decided to continue on with the trip and while we were with her, our flight started boarding. I had no idea which of our group members had already got on the plane, so Dale and I waited until the boarding gate area was empty to make sure no one was left. When we got on the plane, we realized two people were missing. To make a long, intense, nerve-wracking story short, they missed the flight and joined us in Lima the next day. It was very traumatic for all involved and I wish that would never happen again.

There were a few other minor glitches, but the positives far outweighed the negative and everyone made it home safe and healthy. It was a fantastic trip and I'd love to go back one day. The best part is that there's no jet lag since Winnipeg and Peru are in the exact same time zone, so we hit the ground running. I will try and catch up on here in the next few days.



someone said...

1 - I can't wait to hear more!!
2 - What is it with your trip planning and DEATH?
3 - (I actually only intended this to be 2 points and I haven't even typed the original thought number 2, but comments keep coming into my head) How did 2 people go missing right before the flight? More details on that please!
4 - I was so happy to realise you were away coz I was in Winnipeg a few weeks ago and didn't have a whole lot of time. D came with me so we spent a good chunk of the weekend with his family.

xo Sio

someone said...

Hmmm... rereading point number 4. It sounds really rude! I REALLY wanted to see you! But knew it would be super quick visit which is never fun, so was placated knowing you were away. Is placated a word?

xo Sio

Anonymous said...

Yes, placated is a word.

Yes, agree with Sio's 3 questions. What the what? How do 2 people go missing right before the flight. This is why I can't travel with you. I'd be like, "Screw 'em. They're idiots. I'm too old to put up with adults who have pre-teen life skills." (Sorry to the people who missed the flight...I'm sure you had good reasons and I'm sorry I've not waited to hear those reasons before judging you. I believe Donald Trump is rubbing off on me.)

Peru! Oh man. Now how am I going to fit that into my travel goals. Sheesh.


L said...

They are all excellent questions/points. It is unclear why they missed the flights despite being "right around the corner the whole time" and being paged multiple times.

I'd like to start telling people before a trip, "say your goodbyes to everyone you love. One of you will lose someone while we're away." But that might not be good marketing.

Aww Sio - I'm sorry I missed you in Wpg, but I fully understand that you can't see everyone every time. Hope you had a good visit.

S-L - you would LOVE Peru so much.