Wednesday, November 23, 2016


We've been celebrating for a couple of weeks already, but today's the day Dale turned 50. We planned little gifts and surprises for him in the ten days leading up to today, including a trip to visit Bean (the cat) in Steinbach, a massage appointment, and best of all, a surprise weekend visit from his sister Jean from Miami.

That surprise didn't quite pan out as planned; Jean and Dale's brother planned to surprise Dale at his office after his last client, but Dale had just left work when they got there. Plan B involved zipping back to our house and making a racket outside the door until Dale came out to check what was going on. It wasn't the strongest plan ever, but it did the trick.

On Saturday night, we had a little party with family and a few friends. Despite what the photo below looks like, we did invite some adults as well. My photography was not on point that night and I was pretty disappointed with most of my pictures. But it was a really fun night even though apparently all our family and friends are old too and everyone was gone by 11:30 pm.

Dale is very excited about his gift of a Jets jersey. Sadly the Jets have lost every game since he got it so he's starting to feel responsible. 

Dale and his sister. It was so great having her in town all weekend.

Tonight we rallied the troops for a late dinner at Prairie 360; we collected Spencer early from Drivers Ed, while Chloe rushed over to join us after work. It was a good dinner; not fantastic, but decent. They were out of a few dishes, so they brought us complimentary desserts which was very nice of them. They were delicious - the best part of the meal, in fact.

Dale's man-crush at work brought him an amazing cake from La Grotta so we went home and enjoyed the leftovers while Dale opened a couple more gifts (including a Bean mug).

And that's the end of that. I can't even believe he's 50. Age is not a big deal to either of us and I'm happy that we are healthy and all that, but seriously ... 50?! I can remember when my Grandma was 50! Well, maybe not. But we are plenty old enough to be grandparents ourselves. Oh well, it's all good and progressing as it should. I feel very lucky to have been with him for well over half of those years. Who knows what the next half-century will bring?!


Anonymous said...

The next half century will probably bring a pet cat. Perhaps a surprise gift for your 50th.


someone said...

hahahaha! THAT would be a surprise, Sheri-Lee!

Sounds like a fabulous lead up to turning 50. And Ellen, not to take away from Dale, but you look rather HOT in that photo at Prairie!! Yowl - not yet 50 looks GREAT on you!!

xo Sio

someone said...

That was YOWZA, not yowl.

Stupid autocorrect.

xo Sio

Anonymous said...

Bean mug = awesome!! Jim