Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve and apparently I have nothing more pressing to do than post a quick blog update. It's a sweet life.

The last gift has been wrapped, a scented candle is burning and Christmas carols are playing on the speaker. The house is tidy-ish and we're about to start making dinner. After our meal of fettuccini with scallops, we'll head to the candlelight service and then come home and open a few gifts. I love Christmas Eve. The kids are happy and excited, even the older ones (ie. Dale).

It was a fun, busy week. Chloe had her IB grad on Tuesday night. You may remember her real grad in June; this one was very short and informal in comparison (thankfully).  Since the IB marks aren't tabulated until July, the school puts on a little ceremony for the students in December when most of the kids who've gone away to university are home for Christmas.

Afterward, Chloe went out with her friends and Dale and I went to the Palm Lounge at the Fort Garry Hotel. That's been my dream for years and we finally made it happen. It did not disappoint. It was warm and cozy and we sipped our martinis while the piano man sang. It felt like we were in New York City or something. Well, that may be a slight exaggeration but it was pretty fun.

Thursday was my birthday. I went to the Tallest Poppy for brunch with Shannon and Darla, then Kristin popped by for a bit, and then my mom and sister and sister-in-law and I went shopping on Academy, finishing off with treats from Jenna Rae. Later Dale and I and the kids went to Pizzeria Gusto for dinner and then to Winter Wonderland (the drive-through lights at the Ex grounds). Oh and we also stopped at the mall to pick up some shoes I ordered, but I realized I had forgotten my purse at the restaurant. So we had to go back to the restaurant and back to the mall. Everyone was delighted about that.

The best thing about my birthday is that I'm able to manipulate my children into doing things they don't want to do. Spencer strongly dislikes being on pictures. He'll thank me one day. Maybe. Probably not. But look how happy he looks!

The icing on the cake - a picture with Santa.

The kids gave me really nice presents - earrings, a necklace, Body Shop stuff, and a top - and Dale gave me a Kitchen Aid and a gift card to a store I like. We don't usually go all-out for birthday gifts, but he justified it by saying we needed the Kitchen Aid anyway, which is true. I've already made cookies and banana bread with it and it's awesome!


And he made me lemon pie, my favourite. I've got a pretty sweet family. Especially on my birthday.

Dale is starting dinner and I can feel that he's getting irritated that I'm not helping, so I better go before the magic of Christmas Eve turns to stress and resentment.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas - love you all!

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Daniel said...

Awwww, what a wonderful, love-filled birthday, and post!!! So glad you got your 'kids with Santa' photo! Who cares if he's living or breathing.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Love you lots!!