Monday, January 09, 2017

Day 1

Not only did I get out of bed this morning, I did my workout, got the kids off to school, walked to 7-11 for a newspaper, and was at my desk working by 9:00 a.m. It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Sometimes I surprise myself.

Today's high: It was pretty sweet having the house to myself today. Eating a piece of Kristin's leftover birthday cake for lunch was a close second. Third would be the naan bread I made to go with our leftover Indian food, making it the third consecutive day that I've made something with yeast. I've been so prolific with my use of yeast that I exhausted my meager supply and texted Chloe to pick some up for me on her way home from university. She found a tiny grocery store near the U of W and bought me a good-sized jar of yeast for less than two bucks. The brand was foreign to me, the packaging a little suspicious (don't tell Dale), and it didn't foam at all when I dissolved it in warm water. The dough didn't really rise, but that's not that important with naan bread anyway. I sound like I'm a yeast dough expert now. I'm not, so please never ask me yeast questions. I've never even used the word yeast before I wrote this paragraph.

The low: I placed an ad in today's Free Press for The Chamber's China trip in April in hopes of getting a few more people to sign up before the deadline of Jan. 20. Last time I placed an ad, I got tons of calls and the trip sold out. This time I got a grand total of three calls so far. The Free Press usually does a great job of placing our ads in a prominent right-hand page spot, but this time it's on a left page. Not only that, there's a big, bold headline on the right-hand side that immediately draws your attention: "City Couple Mourned in Cuba Crash." It's so tragic and sad I almost cried and it made me - and probably everyone else - want to: a) never travel away from my family again; and b) donate my travel money to the family. Neither of those scenarios is good when trying to promote a trip.

It put things in perspective and now I'm not as concerned about meeting our target number of travellers but still - if you or anyone you know is interested in a fantastic trip to China, you know where to find me.

There. Day 1 is done. Twenty-nine to go.

Speaking of daily challenges, my brother Dan appears to be posting a instagram pic every day this year, which makes me happy. We sometimes go a while without talking or emailing so it's one way of knowing he's alive and well and merrily chugging along with life in Vancouver. He has an artistic eye and always posts cool pics, so if you want to follow him, check out the link on the right hand side of this post.

Now you can go to bed, Siobhan.


Daniel said...

Awww, I really do have to try harder to keep in touch directly. BAD BROTHER. Thanks for the publicity, except now I really have to follow through on it! And get a few pics in reserve for days (like today) when my intended photo didn't really turn out.

Pretty brave of you to use an unknown yeast! Hope you're still feeling ok!

Good luck with filling up your tour - crummy luck with that ad placement.

Anonymous said...

Ha, Dan! L called you out.

That story about that couple was so awful. Their poor kids trying to figure out what to do from Canada now.

We are in the midst of planning our western road trip for August (Yes, that is crazy early to be planning. Yes, I won't know if I actually will get the vacation time until April, but the Parks Canada reservations are open and we want to get sites to camp. Fingers crossed).

Looking forward to 30 days of yeast discussions.

someone said...

Hahah! I actually went to bed early last night!! And I really need the sun to start rising at 6am again. I sleep way too much when I don't have to be up.

As soon as you said that Chloe found the yeast in a nondescript store near the university, I was suspicious. I hope you are still around to write blog number 2...

I didn't read about Cuba?! I'll go do it now.

xoxox Sio