Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Day 10


I finished my Pop Tarts puzzle today. That's pretty exciting, especially since there was one piece missing and I couldn't find it for two days. I had promised the girls I'd buy pop tarts once the puzzle was complete so they were pretty happy when I found the last piece. I've never had a pop tart before so breakfast tomorrow is going to be awesome.

Hilarious times at Safeway

Dale and I went to Neve's "share fair" at school tonight where we saw some projects the kids had been working on. Neve has such a great teacher but sadly she's been covering a maternity leave and this is her last week before the regular teacher returns. The regular teacher is great as well, but we're used to this one now and she has so many awesome ideas and makes things really fun.
As for a low, I guess it would be my disjointed work day. I'm working on a bunch of different things and am finding it hard to focus on just one thing at a time.
This has nothing to do with anything, but I'll leave you with an interesting story I came across today about a woman who had two near-death experiences in one day (in 1945), including an elevator fall in the Empire State Building. 


Daniel said...

Mmmmm, pop-tarts!! Enjoy your breakfast! Might be a good second place to chocolate cake (I thought that was cute when Lexie expected that!)
High: finding a good solution to a work problem that made me look like a hero.
Low: not finding a solution to another problem that cost two coworkers a couple hours each.

Anonymous said...

Ah pop tarts. So...anticlimactic. It's so exciting and they sound so good and the memories of having them as a kid seem so good...then you look forward to them all night and in the morning they are just so wrong.

High: leaving a surprise birthday msg for an old friend
Low: worried that E (my kid, not Ellen) might have a to the doctor this morning