Thursday, January 19, 2017

Day 11

Eleven days down and I haven't missed a day yet. Yay, me.

My highlight today was going to MTC with Spencer to see Million Dollar Quartet. It was energetic and fun and we both really enjoyed it. There wasn't much of a storyline; it was all about the music. The theatre was packed and had a good vibe going on. We were in the second row right by the piano and - WOW - the Jerry Lee Lewis dude could play! Super fun to watch him. At first I didn't believe he was actually playing because it was so good, but he really was. It made me want to play like him but a million years of practicing wouldn't get me the same results. And no one wants to hear me practice for a million years.

As for today's low ... it was a good day so I'm digging deep. After I do the laundry, I dump all the clean stuff on my bed and make the kids fold and put away their clothes. Despite mentioning it to them TWICE, I see not one of them has cleaned up their stuff. That means I'll throw it all back into the basket and bring it upstairs for them to dig through themselves. That'll show them.

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Anonymous said...

What?! The poptarts weren't your high?! Or your low?

High - E (my kid E) went to the doctor and she said things look fine. We are still following 'guidelines for return to activity/play' as a precaution but he seems to be his much more normal self. Today he is allowed to attempt running, but no full out activities.

Low - I had to say good bye to a colleague at her retirement dinner last night...bittersweet. I will miss her a lot.