Saturday, January 21, 2017

Day 12

It's after midnight so I have to be quick. If I post before 12:20 a.m., it still counts for the previous day. And yes, I can make up rules as I go.

I spent a fun afternoon with Siobhan and Sheri-Lee ... we talked, we ate, we laughed. Siobhan is in town for a few days to promote her yoga teacher training class in Winnipeg this spring (she's awesome at what she does; tell your friends!). I'm so happy she squeezed in a visit even though she's got lots of family and friends to see while she's here.

So that was my high. I don't really have a low. I guess it's that Jim and Sabrina are in Mexico now and I'm not. I can't believe Jim hasn't taunted us with instagram pictures yet.

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Anonymous said...

Woot! You guys were my high too!

Low: I left the 4th Harry Potter book out on the coffee table last night (and B found it this morning...which is technically not the same day as this post but you changed the rules so I did too). As far as he knew he had only received the first 3 HP books at Christmas. We were planning a slow release so I could keep up with the reading as we've heard the books do get a darker as they go. I am about 1/3 of the way through. It doesn't seem that much different from the 1st 3...yet. Although Ron has said 'damn it' which in the 1st 3 books was usually worded like 'Ron had some choice words for Malfoy that shocked Hermione and Harry so that they dropped their jaws' or something like that. Ron, you kiss your mother with that mouth! :P