Sunday, January 22, 2017

Day 13

I didn't even think of blogging yesterday until I was about to go to bed at midnight. I guess twelve days wasn't enough to form a habit.

To sum up the past two days in three words: gymnastics / Dale's family.

Dale's sister is here from Miami for the weekend. Trump's inauguration happened to be this weekend ... coincidence? It's hard to handle for us Canadians, never mind for Americans. That wasn't actually the reason for her visit but whatever the case, it's always nice to have her around. She and Dale's mom came for dinner yesterday. We did our homemade pizzas again. We're still learning as we go. Our smoke detector went off every single time we opened the oven, which made me mad since I'd just cleaned the oven after Christmas but somehow there's already something charred on the bottom. I barely use the oven except to bake cookies so I don't know how it got there.

Chloe was in charge of dessert so she found a recipe on Pinterest and made a delicious chocolate cheesecake. It was amazing. It's hard to go wrong when you've got cream cheese, chocolate, and sweetened condensed milk, but still - she hit this one out of the park.

On Friday night, Neve and I went to watch a friend compete at a gymnastics competition. On Saturday (as usual), Neve did her junior coaching for 1.5 hours in the morning, followed by her 3.5 hour class in the afternoon. Today was her turn to compete in the gymnastics competition. So yeah, a lot of gymnastics this weekend.

She had a lot of fun at this competition; she had a big cheering squad of parents and siblings, aunties and grandma and cousin and neighbours. She did really well and ended up with the gold medal in her group. She was floating the rest of the day.

Instead of the black fencing-mask ovals, I went a less creepy route and blurred out the other participants.

Straight from the competition, we went to Dale's mom's and had dinner with the family. We had a really nice time eating and talking and playing Donkey/ping pong.

Auntie Jeannie!

I also have to say how amazing the weather was this weekend. It's been so mild that it's been raining. In Winnipeg. In January. We're setting records for the most hours in January with above-zero temperatures. Last week it was too cold to bear; this weekend we're wearing light jackets and no gloves. It's a crazy world. Siobhan and Jean both picked a very good weekend to come visit. I applaud their excellent judgement.

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Stephen said...

Highs - my dog is extra cuddly for some reason. She's normally an independent introvert who avoids people.

Low - Ellen skipped a day and tried to trick us by posting once.