Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Day 15

After a couple of weeks of restlessness, boredom and cabin fever, I finally got motivated enough to sign up for a month of yoga. I did my first class of hot yoga today (not first time ever, just first time recently) and it was exactly what I needed. Thermea yesterday, hot yoga today ... Relaxation is my middle name. My goal is to go six days a week, while still doing cardio workouts as well. We'll see how that goes.

That was my high. My low ... I don't know. I got a lot done at work today but it was kind of a meh day socially. I like to stock up on social interaction on the day I go into the office since I don't get a lot of it during the week. For some reason that didn't happen. Probably because I got a lot of work done. :)

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someone said...

Ok - I have been totally reading all the blogs!! For some reason I can't comment via my phone!! I think I am posting it, but then nothing shows up.

30 days of yoga will feel SO GOOD when you are done!! I need to get back into all this as well. I am determined to clean up my eating and work on some fitness goals I have. Wednesday right after a trip is a write off though. It's my busiest day (8am - 8pm with a few breaks in between) so without proper groceries, I eat crap all day.

Overall high and low from the last 5 days: HIGHS: Winnipeg! Visiting! Friends! Family!! Everyone recovering from things they have worked hard to recover from!! LOWS: meh, not much really!! I can hear my cat pooping in the litter box as I type. That's kind of a low I guess. :) Haha!

xo Sio