Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Day 16

A sign at Neve's school. One of the classes is holding elections for class president. I'd vote for her/him.

I went to hot yoga again today. It was lovely but there were a few things I'd forgotten since my last yoga session:

1) some people are annoying. Yeah, I'm looking at you, naked-from-the-waist-up chubby dude who was dripping sweat like a leaky faucet 30 seconds in. You too, excessively loud breather. And you, person who wears way too many clothes and makes me hotter just looking at her. I need to work on the peace and calm and acceptance part of yoga. Any tips, Siobhan?

2) the smell. There was an unpleasant aroma of hot, stale salt & vinegar chips lingering in the air in today's class. Super gross and annoying but in the end I realized it might have been me.

3) the increase in laundry. I don't have a large workout wardrobe so I'll be washing my stuff every other day. I guess that's just as well since those sweaty clothes shouldn't be sitting in the laundry basket too long anyway.

Despite that, yoga is still my high.

My low: I had finally convinced Spencer to apply for the same Churchill summer research trip that Chloe did a few years ago. But when he came home with the application form, it turns out they jacked up the price a LOT. It was basically free when Chloe did it, and it was such a great experience. So now we need to re-assess. All that convincing for nothing.

The other low - well, "low" is too strong of a word - is our summer planning indecision. I've been thinking we should get a pop-up tent trailer and go camping, but I'm not sure that it's a smart purchase. Chloe and Spencer aren't very interested at this stage in their lives; I guess we missed the boat on that. If we don't buy the trailer this year, we'd like to go on a road trip and/or rent a cabin. But I still think the pop-up trailer would be fun and if we're ever going to buy one, now would be the time. We can't seem to make a decision and I know it's only January but vacation time and cabins need to be booked now. I want to do it all.

Yes, I know - first world problems. I am very, very grateful that my lows are so high.


someone said...

hahah! well - I don't do hot yoga for pretty much every reason you listed, so... and in general, people annoy me and I usually want to trip someone at least twice a day. I'm not a very good yoga teacher. Or human.

In all seriousness - focus on your own breathing and what your body is feeling (get specific about it: I can feel my foot on the mat; when I engage my core, I feel taller - shit like that). Keep bringing it back to you. Do they teach you "ocean breath"? I find that works wonders for tuning out sweaty, irritating classmates.

And then I would applaud the chubby sweaty guy for getting to class (maybe do that silently though - you don't want to insult him).

And assume the loud breather is desperate to fit in and be noticed and then feel bad for her because her life sucks.

I should probably look into alternate careers.

xo Sio

Daniel said...

Oh Sio, that's good stuff! I can just picture you serenely leading a class, calmly walking over and slamming someone to the floor, walking back and carrying on as if nothing happened. In fact, now I'm tempted to sign up for your class just to watch it happen!

someone said...

Hahah Dan! I will confess there are definitely times I want to shout out loud in frustration.

"KNEE OVER ANKLE! (as I POINT to my KNEE stacked over my ANKLE) Knee OVER ankle!!! What part of this do you not understand???"

Yeah. I should probably incorporate meditation into my day a little more frequently.

L said...

haha Siobhan - I bet all yoga teachers feel like that sometimes! I tried your techniques tonight and it helped! I focused on my breathing (they don't talk about ocean breath ...) and how my body felt. I also kept my eyes closed whenever possible. It was a much better class.