Thursday, January 26, 2017

Day 17

That's one of my highs right there. I've been trying to eat healthy this week; mostly fruits and vegetables and scrimping on the carbs. It's not hard when I make myself a yummy spinach/feta/tomato/roasted carrot salad. It's good to prove to myself every once in a while that I don't die if I don't eat chocolate every day.
Another high was meeting a friend for lunch. We went out for ramen noodle soup, which is not so light on carbs but my bowl was largely broth and vegetables and so delicious.
Low: Spencer often runs away when I try to talk to him. I don't think that's entirely normal at his age but it is what it is. So I started chasing him, which he hates but is kind of exciting and as he's running, he accidentally swept my old phone off the counter and it landed facedown on the floor. Sure enough, the screen was cracked and the touchscreen no longer works. The only way it works is if you can tell Siri to do something (ie. play music). Like I said, it's my old phone that no longer has a plan but I used it for running, with my Runkeeper app and playlists. So that makes me sad.

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someone said...

Omg - I don't know why, but this post completely cracked me up. "I wont die if I don't eat chocolate every day." And the image of you trying to get Spencer to talk to you while he's running away - "which is kind of exciting" hahahahahahah!! Omg. I'm still laughing!

Sorry about the phone, though. That's no fun. Whose lesson was it? Yours, to not force your kid talk to you? Or Spencer's, for not talking to his mama? ;)

Hahaha! Oy. Too much!!

xoxo Sio

hey PS - glad the tips helped!!