Sunday, January 29, 2017

Day 19

It was such a good weekend that I didn't get around to posting yesterday. It was my favourite kind of weekend; time with friends, time with family, and time at home.

Friday night I went out for dinner with friends. The four of us have been friends ever since our oldest kids were in Nursery. We get together one evening a month; this time was special since we were celebrating someone's 50th birthday. It was a fun night to say the least; we were together for seven hours and even then we only went home because the restaurant shut down and the employees had their coats on waiting for us to leave. I haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time.

Neve didn't have gymnastics on Saturday, so it was a rare day of not having to watch the clock to drive her to and from (twice) the community centre. I went to yoga. Spencer had an improv show in the afternoon so we all went to watch that. Having to perform improv would be a nightmare for me so I always have a knot in my stomach when I watch, but the kids have a lot of fun. Spencer loves it.

Afterward I met a friend I hadn't seen for ages for a quick tea at Starbucks before Dale and I headed out for dinner. We went to a Palestinian restaurant way up Main Street called Baraka. It's just a little, very casual kind of place but the food was delicious.

Then we went home and watched Mockingjay (part one of two) with the girls. Spencer has been busy studying all weekend. At least he says he's studying. He's got exams this week and stress levels are high.

Today we went to church, went to yoga, did some cleaning and cooking, and then went to Assiniboine Park for some sliding and skating. Bob & Jan and Tia and Jim & the girls met us there (Sabrina came later). After some good fresh air, we came to our house for dinner. Then we humoured Jim and listened to him talk about Mexico.

So there you have it; every detail of my weekend. Lots of highs.

Lows: Trump's new travel ban for immigrants makes me sad. The shooting in the mosque in Quebec makes me sad. A lot of people had horrible, traumatic weekends. I'm very, very thankful and grateful for my happy peaceful one.


someone said...

Wow, that really puts a spin on things doesn't it - to consider that so many people had a weekend of trauma. It really does make me grateful for the low-free weekend I had.

Spencer does improv?? SPENCER??? That's fantastic!!

Sounds like an amazing weekend, Ellen. I love that you closed down the restaurant.

xo Sio

Anonymous said...

After all your trips that you've been on lately, you can't let me bask in the warm glow of our Mexican vacation without a snide remark?!?!