Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Day 2

Today was my first day back in the office in three weeks. It was a long, busy day but it was nice to see my co-workers again. When you're only in the office one day a week, it's a novelty to see them. They are a pretty great bunch (in case they're reading this. If you want the real story, come talk to me. haha).

Today's high: I got at least five more calls about the China trip. I talked to some really nice people... well, I guess everyone's nice when you're talking about travelling. Interest was high and I feel optimistic we will get more bookings.

Runner-up: coming home after a snowy, slippery commute to a yummy potato soup in the slow cooker. After dinner, I sat on the couch with my book and my tea for a long time. Probably too long since I've got stuff to do, but lately I'm all about being present in whatever I'm doing and I feel like I succeeded. Except now I've got to be present and focused on my work for a bit.

Second runner-up: This hasn't happened yet but as soon as Neve comes home from gymnastics, her, Chloe and I are going to watch Gilmore Girls and eat the warm brownies Chloe just made.

Low: Probably the large amount of hours I spent in front of the computer today. Including the time I spent writing this.


Anonymous said...

Well I'm going to tell you about my day whether you want to hear about it or not.
HIGH - Booked our trip to Ixtapa for Jan 20.
LOW - Went to a friends funeral in Steinbach. 39 years old, battled cancer for 8 years😢


L said...

Wow Jimmy, those are definitely extremes in the high/low range. Sorry about your friend. That sucks.

Even before I saw Jim's comment I was going to tell everyone: feel free to comment with your own highs & lows.

Anonymous said...

Whatcha readin'?

High - booked campsites at National Parks (and got awesome sites)
Low - spent 30 minutes shovelling snow off the community ice rinks for E's jackrabbit hockey night...after my massage...wasted massage.


someone said...

Jim - so sorry to hear. I lost a friend on Sunday to cancer. 44. Fecking cancer.

High and low from yesterday:

high: reconnected with an old friend from college via Facebook! because of our friend passing, but still !
low: wow...i really have to think of a low....huh...i am sorry, I don't have one from yesterday specifically. I mean, Boyd passing is not exactly fun times...but that wasn't yesterday.

Hm. I impress myself! haha!

xo Sio