Thursday, January 12, 2017

Day 4


It was a freezing, snowy, blustery, icy, bitterly cold day out there today. And did I mention cold?? The blowing snow was at its worst this morning, when there was very little visibility inside the city, never mind outside city limits. There was news of a multi-car pileup somewhere; they didn't know exactly how many cars were involved because they couldn't even count them due to the poor visibility.

The thing I was most thankful for today was the hood of my parka. I was only outside when running to and from vehicle to building, but I still would possibly have frozen to death without it. Chloe, on the other hand, took the bus which involved waiting and walking, and only wore a light short dress coat with no hood. I can't tell you how happy I am that I'm in the stage of life where being practical trumps being fashionable.

By the time I took the picture above, the wind wasn't gusting as strongly anymore. It's a lazy picture; I took it through the window. This Colorado news anchor would not be happy about it.

Today's low: spending a ridiculous sum at Costco, including $155 on printer ink. Printer ink makes me mad. New printers usually come with ink and we could literally buy a new printer every single time we run out of ink for the same price as new ink cartridges. If it wasn't for the environmental waste and the hassle of setting up new printers, I'd totally do that. We've tried refilling ink cartridges but our printer won't recognize them and last time it messed things up badly. I guess $155 is a small price to pay for avoiding the last-minute panic when a kid needs to print something for school. That's on my top five list of least favourite scenarios. One good thing I'll say about my Costco visit is that because of the weather, it was very empty. Easy parking, short lines, and lots of food samples.

Today's high: Neve had a gymnastics competition tonight. It was an in-house one (just our gymnastics club) to practice for upcoming "real" competitions. She did well and was on a high afterward. The floor is her favourite skill (there's floor, beam, bars and vault) and she rocked it. I wish I had a video of it, but I chose to enjoy it in real time instead. It was fun to see her happy and confident, hanging out with her teammates who encourage and support each other.

The identity-masking black circles make this look rather sinister. I just realized that the faces of the kids in the background are in plain sight ... sorry, kids. I'm too tired to fix that.

It pleases me greatly that people are sharing their highs and lows in the comments. I wonder what Jim's high will be tomorrow?


Anonymous said...

Low - Hory shet, it's cold out there. (Ask Steve about Korean Jesus on imgur).

High - Finish Harry Potter The Philosopher's Stone. Onto Chamber of Secrets.

p.s. That news anchor rant. Awesome. That was almost my High (except that I watched it today so I'm saving it in case I need it for today's high).
p.p.s. For a minute the face blocking picture had me thinking it was some sort of fencing/gymnastics thing. Ha.

Daniel said...

Fencing gymnastics - now that's the kind of thing that should be added to the Olympics - not things like golf!!!

Woo-hoo Neve! Looking very at home on teh (hi Sio!) top step!

Don't start me on printer ink (and all things planned obsolescence). Oops, you have, so I'll just mention that bike wheels are no longer meant to be serviceable. I think soon they'll want you to throw out your bike and get a new one if you get flat.

That news anchor rant was awesome!!! But I think that patio furniture is great for showing the scale of the amount of snow - everyone knows how big that furniture is.

Ben Friesen said...