Saturday, January 14, 2017

Day 6

My day started with a lot of lows but ended on a better note. The photo above was my view for 40 minutes today (hence the time to take photos and play around with my Prism app). This was at Superstore, where I am supposed to park and call the number on the sign and the groceries I ordered online last night will magically be brought to my vehicle, eliminating the need to get out of my van or go into Stupidstore.
However, this did not happen. I parked and called, then waited about 15 minutes. I called again. They said, "Sorry, we have to get a few more things. We will come in 10 minutes."
I got out and ran into the store, where I bought a couple of things I had forgotten to add to the list. I got back to my van, waited another 10 minutes. I called again. I waited another 10 minutes and then FINALLY my groceries came.
I was very unhappy when they finally arrived. It wasn't a large order and I could easily have shopped and completed my order in less time than it took them. They were apologetic and gave me a $10 gift card.
I realize this is a first-world problem. I know it's silly and such a tiny deal in the big picture of things. But try as I might to put the situation into perspective, I couldn't. I had a long list of things I had wanted to achieve that morning and was so frustrated that I seriously had to fight back tears on the drive home. Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's my lack of stimulation and fresh air lately, maybe it was just a bad day. Whatever the case, I just couldn't talk myself down.
Things got worse when I got home I realized two items were missing from the order, but I had been charged for them. When I called them, they said, "Oh. No problem, you can come back and we'll give them to you."  No problem? NO PROBLEM?? Yeah, it's a problem. Let me do the math.
20 minutes: making my order last night
10 minutes: driving to Superstore (the Superstore closest to us doesn't do the grocery pickup service, so I have to drive to a further one)
40 minutes: waiting
10 minutes: driving home
10 minutes: driving back to Superstore
15 minutes: getting my missing groceries and clearing things up
10 minutes: driving back home
Grand total: 1 hour and 55 minutes. It would have taken 45 minutes in total if I had shopped myself at our local Superstore.
I didn't actually go back to Superstore today because I couldn't handle it. I told them I'd come another day and that I wanted my $5 service fee refunded. I guess they could tell I was about to lose it because they very quickly agreed. But I needed one of the ingredients for today so I had to make an extra trip to Safeway.
This is the third time we've used the service, and the other two times were fairly smooth. My neighbor uses it often - she has had a couple of bad experiences but mostly likes it. My sister uses it at a different Superstore and has been very happy. But I'm done. Dale is usually the one to do the grocery shopping anyway and he prefers to go in person. I kept encouraging him to do the Click & Collect because it was "so easy." Now he feels very vindicated by my experience.
Next, I installed the printer cartridges I bought the other day. All good; my printer shows that all the ink is replenished and ready to go. Except when I tried to print something, it says "Ink System Failure" and tells me to turn the printer off and back on. I tried that about five times, including unplugging the power cord and waiting in between. Nothing worked. I googled it but so far haven't found a solution. The next thing I'm going to try is cleaning the print head; I ran out of patience today but will try that tomorrow.
Earlier this week, someone told us about an open house at an aerial dance studio that Chloe and I were interested in checking out. My mood was terrible by now and I really didn't feel like it but Chloe really wanted to go. So we drove 15 minutes to the dance studio, where we encountered two problems. I thought "open house" meant a come and go thing, but no. It was an actual class that had started ten minutes before we arrived. I had also forgotten that there was a $10 cost, but luckily I had my bank card. Unluckily, they only accepted cash or cheques. Chloe had $10 on her, but they wouldn't let me in the class without paying. They said I could watch.
So Chloe stayed and I left. I went to Safeway to get the missing grocery items, then went home for literally five minutes before I realized it was time to get Chloe. I zipped back over there and watched the last few minutes of the class. It really did look cool. After the class, some teachers/experienced aerial people did a demonstration which was pretty impressive.

But even more impressive was this:

This guy and girl were working on some acrobatic moves and it was crazy! They were so strong and muscular and the girl had incredible core control. Sign me up for that!
Then we rushed home where I cooked for two hours. Dale's mom came for dinner and Bella and Lexie came for night. After dinner, I sat and worked on my puzzle and regained some perspective on life. I read the girls a bunch of picture books before bed, which was also nice. I miss reading to my kids.

And that was my Saturday. Tomorrow is a new day.

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Anonymous said...

I hate when technology backfires. It's supposed to make things easier, not harder. Ugh. Feel your pain, Ellen, but I have to admit I'm with Dale. I'd rather just get my own things and do it myself. But I also have to admit that I emailed Steve's brother and his family in the gorgeously year round temperature of Nairobi to tell them it was going down to -45 with the windchill and I had to leave the house to get groceries and I actually paused and thought, "Do we really need to eat?"

High - dinner out at the neighbour's for Steve bday...there were a lot of highs...with Steve's bday
Low - my toes got cold watching E do jackrabbits hockey outside. I stayed out for an hour, went inside to warm my toes for 15 minutes and went back out for the last 15 overall not too bad