Sunday, January 15, 2017

Day 7

I'm happy to report today was a much better day than yesterday.

Things that made it better:
  • no Superstore
  • no cooking
  • my printer is working (after cleaning the print head and much prayer)
  • I did everything on my weekend to-do list (it wasn't overly ambitious but still felt productive)
Highs: Neve recently read The Hunger Games series, so today we watched the first movie. She had already watched the trailers and other clips on YouTube, but I didn't realize that she had basically seen the whole movie in little bits and pieces. She had even memorized some parts and recited them word-for-word during the movie. That got a bit tiresome but she was delighted.

Dale and I went to the Forks tonight and went for a long walk on the river. I wanted to skate but walking is just so much more comfortable. The temperature is heading in the right direction, making it almost enjoyable to be outside. Afterward I had a giant bowl of pho from the snazzy new-ish food court at the Forks, which is a pretty happening place on a Sunday night.

Bella and Lexie hung out with us all morning. Lexie asked if we were having chocolate cake for breakfast. I think she thought it was Valentine's Day. Instead I made scones, which is basically like chocolate cake except white. We also gave the girls a fair amount of hot chocolate. I discovered another error Superstore made with my order, but this time it was a good surprise. For some time, Neve had been asking for whipped cream in a spray can to put on hot chocolate. Dale refuses to buy it so I added it to my online order to score some good Mom points. Turns out Superstore gave me two cans of it and only charged me for one. Anyway, much whipped cream was added to everyone's hot chocolate these past two days.

Jim and Sabrina came to pick the girls up after lunch and hung out for a bit. I've been so hibernate-y lately that it's good for me to see people.

Lows: Feeling like the weekend wasn't quite long enough. That's nothing new, but unlike most Mondays, I have to leave the house for work tomorrow and I don't feel prepared.

I love reading your highs & lows, so keep them coming. Additional contributors always welcome!


someone said...

First - I totally feel your frustration on Superstore and printer ink. And some days, it's just a-ok to not be able to get out of the funk. We are allowed to be mad/grumpy/moody just as much as we can be joyful and happy. Just don't take it out on the baby or the puppy and all is good! haha!

Sheri-Lee - your thought "do we need to eat?" made me laugh out loud.

Today's high: seeing Jenn! Woot! We had a healthy lunch from the organic grocery store food bar (well, mostly healthy...well, MINE was mostly healthy (two salads and pizza) ...I'll let Jenn tell you what she ate), and then we went to the restaurant upstairs and had beer and cocktails. ;)

My low: well, it's not really a LOW per se, but I am having trouble knowing the best way to market my training. It all costs money so I don't want to toss money out the window but it's rather overwhelming. So the being overwhelmed is my low. Any ideas welcome!!

xo Sio

Anonymous said...

High: -5! What the heck! Amazatron! We skated outside at the community centre and had a rink all to ourselves.

Low: lips are chapped??? I got nothing else. It was a pretty great day.


Anonymous said...

High(s)- Finished Lexie's Room painting project and purchased some vacation necessities. Sunblock. Insulated mug(for drinks on the beach). and some new clothes. And snorkelling equipment for Lexie.

Low - Had to put down Yoshi. (Cat) Even though I'm not excited about having a pet( unlike Dale) it was a sad day. He was 13 yrs old.


L said...

Now I'm super curious as to what Jenn had for lunch.

That's quite a range of lows - from chapped lips to having to put down a beloved kitty. :(

Daniel said...

Hi Elle. I had 3 pieces of bacon, a turkey sausage, and 5 cherry tomatoes for lunch! What?! What SHOULD I have gotten for lunch at an organic grocery store? Sheesh. The cocktail helped to cut through the grease for 'dessert'.

Ask me anything!

Love you! Love Sio!


L said...

haha Jenn, that sounds like a perfect lunch. You've got that organic thing down pat.

someone said...


xo Sio