Monday, January 16, 2017

Day 8

Today was "Blue Monday," supposedly the most depressing day of the year. Whoever thought of that is pretty clever ... it's a whole new marketing opportunity. I saw a Cineplex ad today for a Blue Monday movie deal. However, I was in decent spirits today and didn't feel the need for a cheap movie. I spent my evening ... wait for it ... working on my Pop Tarts puzzle and watching Gilmore Girls! Crazy, I know. I was out and about all day today though, so I earned it.

I spent the day going to different businesses that were nominated for the Chamber business awards and taking pictures to use for promotional purposes. I do this almost every year and it's pretty cool to get a behind-the-scenes look at places. One interesting place I went to today was Mother Earth Recycling. They recycle things like electronics and mattresses. I watched them de-construct a mattress; they recycle almost every part of it. Apparently Winnipeg sends 300,000-400,000 mattresses to the landfill every year and this company is trying to get people to bring them here instead. People are resistant because there's a cost of $15 to bring your mattress to them, as opposed to $10 at the landfill. Knowing your mattress parts are being recycled is surely worth $5. Now I want a new bed just so I can recycle my old one. Oh, and because we've had our bed since 1995. Not even joking. We got our money's worth. It's time.

Anyway, it was a fun day of talking to people and touring places and snapping pics (a small sampling below). I went into the office for a while between appointments, so the whole day was a high point.

My low: Besides walking around, I did no physical activity today. My day is a hundred times better when I exercise. Well, a hundred times is a lot. Maybe 50 times better. Still a lot.


Daniel said...

Very cool to get to see all sorts of places like that!

That's a lot of mattresses. And yeah, we're not doing our part in disposing of mattresses either.

Hmm, high point I guess was signing up for a "Try a Class" drawing seminar at Michael's (ok, not the signing up process - that SUCKED). My only drawing instruction was back in college, a wee bit of sketching instruction besides the drafting (draughting if you're British), so my curiosity was piqued when we saw this mentioned in their flyer. I'm not holding my breath though - I was the only one signed up for it, so I'm expecting it to be cancelled.

Low? Hardly a problem, but the rains have come back with a vengeance, and I was sopping by the time I got home. And it's too warm for it to be snow up on the mountains. Some might still not consider that a low. Glad to see that your temps are now above ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Is the first picture in your office? Cool.

High: I walked/rode the bus home from work with Steve.
Low: We had to catch a bus at one point because I was starting to get a blister.


L said...

nice work on signing up for the drawing class, Dan. Although you could probably teach the class with your skills.

S-L, the first two pics taken at Alt Hotel downtown.

someone said...

I missed this post!! And have mixed up my comments as a result!!

A general high and low: H - My life is pretty great. L - Trump is still really gonna be president.

Anonymous said...

Nice. I want to go and hang out in the Alt Hotel Lobby with a coffee and a book. :)