Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Day 9

Today's high and low is the same thing. Ooh, I should've made this into a riddle.
After Christmas, I mentioned that the best gift I received was this book:
The children bought Dale and I each one and wrote us twelve amazing letters each. There's a "do not read until" date for each letter; the kids spread out the dates for us to read one every other day. I cannot stress enough how much I love this gift. The letters are meaningful and beautiful and every moment of self-doubt as a parent was erased by this book. I feel invincible. I will never second-guess myself again. I am perfect. I should write a parenting book! And teach a class! Too bad Oprah's show is done because surely I could be a star guest for mastering this parenting thing.
Or maybe the children happened to write those letters on exceptionally good days with thoughts of their upcoming Christmas gifts dancing in their head. I won't go looking for a book deal just yet.
Whatever the case, to children of any age: save your money on the big gifts no parent needs and buy this book instead. If writing the letters seems daunting, maybe you could hire my kids to do it. They are good.
So my high was reading the letters every other day since Christmas.
My low is that I'm all done now.
But now I can read them again and again until I explode with joy over my awesomeness and success as a mother.
I shouldn't even say that as a joke. Just watch - now one of my kids will take a wrong path and things will go bad. But at least I'll have my letters.


Daniel said...

YES!! You ARE the perfect Mom!! How else could you have raised such awesome kids!??!?

Drawing class was fun, but pretty basic (as can be expected for $0), but got some great tips and ideas. Good enough to make it as my high today (wait, am I reusing yesterday's?). Low was too many people not paying attention while driving, making for a stressful ride home, and an empty air horn on my bike.

someone said...

Jenn (WOW - autocorrect REALLY didn't want to accept "Jenn" as an actual word. It is the nickname of one of the most popular names in the history of baby girls. Get a grip!) I laughed at your comment from yesterday. I could totally hear your voice while I read it.

I'll start with the low coz it's still happening - it is POURING rain outside and it was a nanny day so I was out in it quite a bit. Though, in hindsight it wasn't that bad. Things just got soggy. But rain means warm so it's a catch 22.

High - I made super yummy garlicky buttery shrimp for dinner. :)

xo Sio

someone said...

ps - That Christmas gift is AWESOME. Your kids rock. xo Sio

Anonymous said...

Those letters to parents are such great ideas...both for parents and their kids writing them. I filled out a book for my mom and dad once and it was so amazing to be prompted to remember things and write them down.

High: I'm alive. (Yesterday was a tough day at the hospital...I have a lot of really sick patients on my caseload right now with not great prognoses).

Low: I had 2 nights of bad/restless sleeps so was super tired by the end of the day. I fell asleep on the bus ride home from work. I barely got a kid fed and off to Jackrabbits hockey in time. We had toast and eggs for supper...that's all I had in me to even think about.


Anonymous said...

High - finished a big ugly job at work.
Low - hot tub failure and all the water drained out somehow somewhere and we didn't realize it till I trudged outside in my swimsuit to jump in😱😱😱