Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Day 21

I made it to yoga this morning. I'm the opposite of a morning person but I like to make myself get up early every now and then just to see if I can do it. It wasn't even that hard. I was expecting the yoga teacher to gush about how incredible it was that I was there so early and how awesome I was. I'd never met her before, but still. I was expecting some accolades or an award. But apparently I'm not that special because there were a LOT of people at yoga at that hour. And that's just at one little(ish) yoga studio. Imagine how many people in this city are regularly working out that early. Never mind in this country, or even this continent. In fact, if you're NOT working out that early, you're probably in the minority. Well, maybe not. There are a lot of children and seniors and people in the hospital that aren't out the door by 5:30. You (and usually me) are in excellent company.

I made soup for dinner today. My neighbour gave me this "soup mix tube" in the photo above and it was delicious. I still had to add onions, carrots, and celery. It also called for chicken, but I substituted black beans and mushrooms. So it was nice and hearty and even a bit zippy. I also went for a brisk little walk to Stephen & Andrews and picked up a loaf of olive bread. I don't normally love olives but this bread was so good.

Since I went to yoga in the morning, I didn't go this evening. I kind of missed it and was almost tempted to go again. But the extra time at home allowed for a triple-episode night of Gilmore Girls. Winter's not that bad. Did I just say that out loud?

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someone said...

Wow - I am impressed. Seriously. I really super detest getting up early. It's one of the reasons I don't have kids. And I am not joking. So, WAY TO GO ELLEN!! On both the the yoga, and the kids!

Soup - yummy!!!! I've been trying to create dinners lately. I look at a recipe, go get the stuff, and then end up eating rice cakes with peanut butter. Well, I tell my students to stop trying to be something they are not, so I guess I should either eat my words (haha! Eat my words. I'm hilarious!) or actually do as I say.

So, to conclude - I am not a cook, but I AM hilarious. :)

xo Sio